Allyn K. Robinson is the Content Producer for Design Culture at Nike HQ in Portland, OR - charged with driving the culture of the creative community and helping inspire and unite the 700+ designers throughout/across the organization. At Nike for four years, she’s been instrumental in creating the programming within the company’s Blue Ribbon Studio, a world-class maker space recently profiled in Vogue and The New York Times.

Born in Minneapolis, Allyn studied International Business and Philosophy at the University of San Diego before heading to Naples, FL, to work in marketing and real estate. A Portland resident since 2010, Allyn lists her love of books, connectivity, curiosity, resilience, sense of humor, and a well-made Old Fashioned as constants through a life filled with some unusual and unexpected plot twists.

Allyn will be speaking on the topic of “Chasing What You Love”, creating, maintaining and finding love – both personally and professionally—sometimes where you least expect it.

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