Bilingual scientist holding a MBA with more than twenty-five years of experience, last mandate as CEO (4 years) of the Center Excellence in Energy Efficiency (C3E) and during the last 12 years as CEO (8 years) of a mathematical company and freelance consultant (optic,software,finance...)

I created during the C3E's mandate a unique funding tool suited to high-risk business ventures: an unsecured convertible debentures that can be paid back in various forms, including carbon-credit certificates.

The business model encourages the establishment of financial leverage in an area of high risk as well as business maturity acceleration, access to a network of industrial decision makers interacting through a creative platform that leverages commercialization in national and international market. The team work create an investment portfolio of more than 10 companies in the energy efficiency sector.

The technico-managerial entrepreneurial culture characterizes my way of being, influences my way of thinking, acting and communicating in a business perspective. The team work and my ability to develop consensus toward a global vision were bringing all team members to focus on priorities, timetable and to be successful.

A competitive and highly complex environment enhances my performance. My results are showing imaginative and driven solutions exploited to reach scientific,technical and commercial goals.

My academic background is Microbiologist and did academic researches in the field of Biochemistry (DNA-Enzyme) and Pharmacology (Immune reaction) (8 scientific papers and 14 abstracts).

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