Between listening to the umpteen podcasts, and eating every dessert in sight, Nisha runs a digital product design startup where she helps clients navigate the intersection of technology and human relationships to uncover the secret sauce to craft delightful user experiences. She founded AGL.SG to help brands find their groove to successfully adapt grow and lead in this digital first era using a combination of strategy, design and technology

workshops, business design, digital strategy, user experience design, customer experience design, human centered design, design sprints, design thinking, user research


getting started is more important than being right

Mahatma Gandhi - for sticking to his beliefs and for his ability to bring scores of people together for a cause WITHOUT any social media. Had he been around today, I'm sure he would've been killing it on social media platforms.

creating custom workshops for specific problems and getting tangible results

stand up comedian

my name

to say a few things in any of these languages; Hindi, Urdu, Malay, French and/or English

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