Hello! I'm a freelance designer and illustrator who specializes in infographics and other forms of visual storytelling. I've only been in Nashville about a year (I moved here from Washington, D.C.), so I'm looking forward to meeting people and learning more about my new hometown. My approach to design is to find a story in the content and bring that to the forefront, whether that's through an infographic, a logo, or something else entirely. In my free time, I love comics, tabletop and video games, collecting vinyl records, and watching terrible movies. (Unsurprisingly, Google thinks I'm a teenage boy.) Most of all, I love learning about history, art, science, culture... I'm addicted to collecting random facts.A random fact about me? I have three parrots.

I can take anything from a single word to a spreadsheet of numbers and make it into a story. Mostly that's through infographics, which are my specialty, but I do a variety of work from branding to motion graphics. It always comes back to telling a story, though.

So many things. I'm terrible at networking and self-promotion, and I haven't really figured out how to take good pictures of print work. And, my oh my, am I bad at cooking...

"Better done than perfect." Still working on that, though.

I admire people who follow their passions, especially when they take a unique or unconventional path to get there. And, I admire anyone who uses success to help others achieve their own success. Kindness matters more than status, any day. Creatively, there are several artists, designers, and writers that never fail to inspire me. The list is admittedly eclectic: Seb Lester, Jillian Tamaki, Rob Jones, Saul Bass, Edward Gorey, John Tenniel, Charles Addams, Heironymus Bosch, Neil Gaiman, Naoko Takeuchi, Gail Simone, Adi Granov, Sara Pichelli, Annie Wu, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Matt Fraction David Aja. If any of these people mean anything to you, boy, should we talk!

I can stay awake for days to make a tight deadline. I really want to give that power back, though.

I couldn't imagine doing something else, but I'll say comics journalism because sequential art it's probably my favorite art form. To be fair, I'm not a writer, so there might be some minor roadblocks in that career... I guess this design thing better work out!

Pointless facts. Did you know Marie Antoinette's favorite color was puce, an ugly red-purple-brown color that translates to "flea" in English? How about that Indigo is only part of the color spectrum because Isaac Newton was very superstitious and wanted to include seven colors? Or that, in the 1960s, fan mail for Iron Man comics came mostly from women? Now ya do.

I suppose I would share ways to really simplify content to make it more accessible for readers. Or how to make a paper fortune teller game. Or we could talk about Iron Man, some more. Whatevs.

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