I have recently relocated to Milwaukee and I'm looking to make some local connections! I have been freelancing as a side gig since 2009 and have worked as a creative in various corporate environments.

print design, photography, prepress, proofing, managing deadlines

digital design, web design, HTML/CSS

Don't compare the full details of your life to someone else's highlight reel.

At the risk of sounding cliche, my mother--she is one of the most brilliant and talented women I know, and she could have done anything she wanted with her life, but she has always unwaveringly chosen to devote it to the people she loves.

I am relentlessly optimistic in the face of nearly any scenario.

Psychology! I did a BA in Psych because I toyed with going into art therapy for awhile, and though I ultimately decided that wasn't the path for me, I finished the degree because the subject matter is fascinating to me.

Song lyrics. Aaaaalllll of the song lyrics.

It would ultimately take a bit longer than that, but I'd give them a crash course on my favorite video game of all time, Heroes of Might and Magic III.


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