I work with companies and studios to produce a rich combo of branding and comms design, and are now happily attending to my own ethical passion project with Zenism. The possibility that I wish to create for the near future is to contribute high standard creative direction within a quality studio team, making Brisbane the place to come for the ultimate brand storytelling.

… they say a wise man is someone who understands how little he knows. But I love storytelling through identity and branding with a bent towards promoting ethical and sustainable groups and businesses.

Digital, currently learning UX/UI principles.

Just fake it till you make it. especially in the sense that if you haven't yet done the work that you love, if you believe in yourself and your own ability to accomplish something, that is half the difficulty overcome. Once you have that belief, you can move towards your future.

Really loving the work of Sagmeister, Walsh, and her close friend Goodman at present. The fact that they not only hustle on design work that keeps their practices and lifestyles sustained - but that they make the time to produce work which is meaningful to them outside of the day-to-day.

Heart and determination. Understanding others by authentically listening, and never giving up on ideas - no matter how long they take to accomplish.

Be a teacher, monk or yogi - of course.

How to make the most kick-ass vegetarian Okonomiaki on the east coast.

How to say "hello" and ask "how are you?" in at least 3 languages. Communication is all we have.

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