Born and raised in South Florida. I love my family and my career. Studying real estate at Florida State University cemented my passion for urban growth. Live music, great food, and endearing company, nothing better. Bucket list includes driving on foreign scenic roadways around the world. Compulsive reader as well.

My career, geography, cars, history, and my religion.

Lots of things. My business of real estate brokerage consumes my life. Business planning, marketing, graphic design, administrative outsourcing, and learning to salsa.

"The quest for knowledge traverses through the hardship of many valleys. Persevere to survive and thrive in a world full of unknowns."

My father and mother. The test of time has been embattled by successes, misfortunes, and disease. But, a willingness to fight for each other exists.

Teleportation. No my real superpower is the ability to connect with people. Everyone's got a story to share.

No backup, real estate is the plan.

My culture and where I stand on this earth. The responsibilities I have to positively contribute back.

Patience and the art of listening.

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