Born and raised right outside Baltimore, Adam bleeds orange when it’s warm and purple when it’s cold. He started in media as a photojournalist for Baltimore Magazine and quickly progressed to become videographer/editor for a client base that includes Discovery Channel, The Smithsonian Channel, National Geographic, MASN, and TLC (the R&B group, not the network). Much to Tom’s chagrin, Adam is always ready and willing to hang off a scaffold, climb on a roof, or scurry up the mast of a boat to get the right shot. If a client wants something, he’ll figure out how to deliver it beyond their expectations.

Adam brings his many years of experience, multiple awards and Emmy nominations to the already bountifully talented Ainsley & Co. creative staff.

I know a lot about very little.

Shut up and do your job.

To say the wrong thing at the right time.

Baseball analyst.

I have a really good memory when it comes to things that aren't said by my wife.

How to grip and throw a curveball.

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