I am creator passionate about digital solutions and simplicity. Food lover. Tennis player. Happiness manager. Explorer.

Design in business, nutrition, taekwondo & tennis.

Reaching the very top items in my kitchen.

Whatever it is, it will pass. Enjoy the good and hang on when it's difficult. Your life starts when you realise that the same thing doesn't happen twice.

I admire my parents for teaching me what the real values in life are. Role model wise, Michelle Obama and Roger Federer: Two people that left memorable mark regardless of what they have been going through mostly with their attitude and behaviour.

Deep focus makes me 5x more efficient. When I want to get things done fast, this is how I do it. How I get there is a secret :)

Something with making people happy.

Birthdays of any important person in my life.

Mindfulness. Wherever you are, be there.

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