Good day, Geraldine here in Colorado wanting to share a bit about my coming’s and going’s. I am in a period of rest, research and development currently. My career as a Professional Nanny and Home Care Provided for the elderly and physically and mentally challenged community’s, carried me over three decades. I am humbled by my experience and the love that poured forth.

I know a bit about the Moon, about the Earth, about Nature, about conceiving and giving birth. I am skilled at surviving, thriving and creating beauty. I know a bit about advocating for the disenfranchised. I know a lot about love.

I need help with . . . That’s a rough one for me, I usually do the “helping” and feel awkward asking for help for myself. I can ask for help for others. So, I guess I need help asking for help.

Best advice I received was from my Mother. Without hesitation, without failure she would say “pay attention” as I walked out the door into the world.

My Grandmothers who were tough, gritty and talented humorist.

The Moon, the elements and a expertly crafted cappuccino.

I dream big, so I have a few: Poet, Musician, I do enjoy dabbling with oil paints and storytelling.

I remember traditional family recipes and family traditions around planning and preparing food feasts. Everyday feast and those special occasions, I love to bake goodies and create fine candies. Dancing, song and music come natural to me.

Morning In A New Land — In trees still dripping night some nameless birds woke, shook out their arrowy wings, and sang, slowly, like finches sifting through a dream. The pink sun fell, like glass, into the fields. Two chestnuts, and a dapple gray, their shoulders wet with light, their dark hair streaming, climbed the hill. The last mist fell away, and under the trees, beyond times’s brittle drift, I stood like Adam in his lonely garden on that first morning, shaken out of sleep, rubbing his eyes, listening, parting the leaves, like tissue on some vast, incredible gift. Mary Oliver — Devotions 2017

Currently under research and development.

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