Pushing humanity forward by helping the [business] world understand the different thinkers, aka The Mavericks. Disruptive innovation is my thing!!!

Lot's of things, as most definately a generalist vs. a specialist. Being a generalist allows me to connect the dots. If I has to say what I know a lot about it would be: kindness, empathy, emotional intelligence, inspiring people, different thinkers, unleashing peoples potential, innovation, creativity, getting stuff done, being brave, reaching and attaining the impossible.

Changing the world

Be you, do you!!!

His Holiness The Dalai Lama because he treats everyone the same, kindly, regardless of rank and what they might be able to do for him.

One of my Superpowers in unleashing the Superpower of others!!!!

Hhhmmmm not a backup, but an alternative would be designing window displays. I have a fascination about the art of them.

My phone number from when I was 12. No idea why.

How to move forward in what they REALLY want to do in their life.

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