From The Shadows (Music: Rita - Dar In Donya)

Beginnings Video Project

In 'From The Shadows', part of the 'Beginnings' video project, a woman embarks on a soul searching journey in the desert, and makes her first steps toward redemption. 'Beginnings' attempts to channel the feel of Rita's 'My Joys', as it adopts the album's focus on liberation, and the search for freedom and enlightenment. Project manager and executive producer - Gil Zablodovsky Directors - Gil Zablodovsky | Nelly Milev Art Directors - Nelly Milev | Gil Zablodovsky | Yaron masot First assistant director - Shany Toledano Photography - Yaron Masot Editor - Noam Naumovsky Color and online editing - Gil Zablodovsky Dancers - Yarden Raz | Ella Dan | May asur Hair & Make Up - Anya Voloshin | Gitit Kellner Costume designer - Nelly milev Documentary (stills and video) - Anna Ostrovski Production team - Nelly milev | Yaron masot