In the performance we have built, the visitor enters a dark, intimate space large and communion with himself. From a point distant sound of a ship honking cycles and looking through the fog. When walking movement meets the silhouette of himself Like a shadow, but in the invert. In the everyday world, is a black shadow copy is hidden within, while the light from the background and bare. Speculative scenario insight, interior light and visible shadows and black background and empty. Inside the silhouette reveals a world of colors and alternating corpuscles moving slowly and quickly changing directions, from the silhouette out and beyond or outside the black and empty inside, breaking into the field, and suggesting the relationship between the inner and outer world. It seems silhouette wall, built surfaces placed on their sides and create a sense of depth and three-dimensional, suggest at current levels in . Walking approaching the wall will show himself a small and growing bodies inside and stay away from the wall as silhouette grow and corpuscles reduced . Visitor movement accompanied the transition between states, between macro to micro, from near to far, the focus blurry. Introspection is movement within, accompanied by passages, search traffic lender elusive. Everyone chooses the way he looks for and finds a unique and personal experience for him, only he can see and feel and maybe even understand.