Brevity Wit Productions

Identity Development / Web Design

Brevity Wit Productions, a production company in Los Angeles founded by two experienced producers, needed a logo and branding as well as a website. Striving for a delicate mix between playful and sophisticated, the logo needed to work well across mediums, but particularly in film. “Brevity is the soul of wit,” but that doesn’t mean you want to flaunt Shakespeare in your logo. The company name is a fun play on the quote because it allows people who get it to feel clever and shows that the company is cultured, without a glaring reference. The logo needed to approach Shakespeare in the same way. 14 horizontal bars to reference the 14 lines in a Shakespearean sonnet, with their directions changing at the section breaks in the sonnet structure. Three sections (quatrains) of four lines and a final section (couplet) of two. The main typeface is a condensed, slightly modified sans-serif. Highly legible both large and small as well as in print on digitally.