Team Red, White & Blue

It's Our Turn

Team RWB wanted to offer veterans a new kind of experience upon returning home – one filled with physical fitness, community, and a sense of purpose. Team RWB wants to see every veteran connected to their greater community. Rule29 partnered with Team RWB early on their history, helping the growing organization create a recognizable, uniting brand for America’s veterans. Rule29’s first task was creating an updated logo, inspired by iconic American imagery and military patches, that introduced a core component of the Team RWB brand: the Eagle. From there, we created their annual reports and a number of evergreen brochure pieces, as well as flexible poster templates, that share the organization’s mission and efforts. With so many local chapters and events, we also assist their internal team with ensuring brand consistency wherever possible. Team RWB's updated website was carefully designed to showcase the organization's extensive library of imagery and video to help users visualize the "Eagle Ethos", while also communicate key messages. Scalable for both national audiences and local chapters, the website invites users into the spirit of the organization and creates simple pathways to get involved at a deeper level.

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