Multimedia piece for piano, two actors, a dancer and live video improvisation

A fusion of live music, poetry, drama, dance and stunning visuals, Dimitar Pentchev’s Gleams is a 60-minute fantasy of symphonic proportions. ASKEER Award-winning composer and pianist Dimitar Pentchev brings together Dora award-winning actress Claire Armstrong, (After Miss Julie, ROTC 2013) and Storefront Theatre founder Benjamin Blais (Cockfight/Brouhaha, Whos’s afraid of Virgina Woolfe/ROTC) in an intimate exploration of the deepest inner thoughts of character. Accompanied by the scintillating choreography of Tyler Evan Webb,( Bomb Girls/REELZ, Nixon in China/COC) and stunning visuals by Melissa Joakim (Contractions/ROTC, Skriker/ROTC), Gleams will be an experience that will stay with you for a long time.