Telkomsel Sharina

Monthly internal sharing session which discusses the latest trends and issues with inspirational speakers

Sharina or Sharing Internal Kita consists of real insights and engaging perspective from inspiring profiles based on the theme of Passion, Career, Happiness at Work, and Digital Lifestyle. It is routinely held once in a month to give refreshing experience for the employee in the form of seminar with light session of mini workshop in each session. To keep the participants willing to join each session of Sharina, we created My Sharina Journey that was used as their ‘loyalty card’ so they can keep track of their learning progress through the journey. We were also arranging some seminar formats from classroom workshop to talkshow. Besides, to make the participants more engaged, we created ice breaking session as the media for the participants to have networking session not only with other participants but also with the speakers. We were sourcing 7 speakers based on each topic by relating to their expertise.

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