The Messengers Digital Report

What birds tell us about threats from climate change and solutions for nature and people. Audubon and Birdlife partnered on a report on climate change and it’s affect on birds across the globe. The report was originally designed as a printed report, but both organizations saw the value of creating a digital version as well. Cottleston Pie was asked to use the content in the original report and reimagine it as a microsite that both organizations could share on the web. Working directly with the Audubon team, I created a design system that clearly showcased the top level points of the report, while allowing users to dive into case studies to learn more. The design direction was informed by the photography used in the report: stunning photos of birds in their natural habitat. In an effort to allow the photos to lead the story telling, we used them at large sizes, paired with simple typographic treatments to call out key points in each case study.

Cp audubon