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September 6, 8:30am • SFU Woodward's — Goldcorp Centre for the Arts • part of a series on Muse

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Vancouver, BC—(September 24, 2013) - CreativeMornings/Vancouver is pleased to announce a new cultural partnership with SFU Woodward’s.

"We’re thrilled with this partnership with SFU Woodward’s," says organizer and host Mark Busse. "It is a wonderful opportunity for CreativeMornings to become a part of SFU’s terrific arts and culture programming and take community-building to a whole new level."

Starting on October 4th, CreativeMornings events will be held in the beautiful Djavad Mowafaghian World Art Centre in SFU’s Goldcorp Centre for the Arts at 149 West Hastings Street.

"One of the most appealing aspect of Creative Mornings is that they are about art, design and meaningful multi- platform communication. This partnership is mutually beneficial in permitting a new home base for CreativeMornings while offering SFU Woodward’s a vital window into new talents in the fields of design, interactivity, and related creative practices," says Michael Boucher, Director of Cultural Development & Programming for SFU Woodward’s. "Certainly from our side to be able to access this local creative and entrepreneurial think tank will permit many benefits to us that can better support our cultural and community network of over forty partners."

SFU Woodward’s is home to some of Vancouver’s finest cultural spaces and a major supporter of Vancouver’s artistic community. CreativeMornings joins an impressive lineup of cultural events, community talks, dance performances, and festivals such as Fringe and the Vancouver International Film Festival.

CreativeMornings Vancouver is the local chapter of a global monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types that was started in New York by Tina Roth Eiesenberg (

Each event is free of charge, and includes a 20 minute talk, followed by a group discussion and Q&A. The gathering begins at 8:30am with the topic presentation starting at 9:00am and everyone taking off for work by 10am.

CreativeMornings now has chapters in over 50 cities around the world, including New York, Chicago, London, Zurich, LA, San Francisco, Berlin, Auckland, Milan, Paris, and Vancouver among others. The Vancouver chapter of CreativeMornings is run by Mark Busse ( and his dedicated team of volunteers.

For the latest info on upcoming CreativeMornings, head over to or follow us on Twitter!


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If you missed Matthew Clark's talk at CMVan last month, you are in luck. The video is now live on for you to enjoy. Check it out!

Shaun Huberts shares a little about himself and what he’ll be talking about at the October 4th CreativeMornings event in Vancouver.

For more information and tickets, please visit

Shaun Huberts graduated from the Los Angeles Music Academy in early 2002 and has since defined himself in the artistic community as a musician, visual artist, author, spatial reasoning specialist and self-proclaimed nerd.

Shaun has been living out of his suitcase and touring all over the world for the past 10 years with a number of bands, most notably, the Indie Pop Rock duo, Tegan and Sara. He has lived and recorded from LA to Nashville, Vancouver to Montreal.

He currently resides in North Vancouver with his wife and their Yorkshire terrier, Beckham.

CMV: How do you define creativity and apply it in your career?

SH: I define creativity by its most obvious and simplest form, creating. I feel the most important part of creating is not whether you feel “creative” by your own definition or standards but more that you are actually ‘doing and creating’ first and foremost. In my career I’m often jumping from this medium to that, from music to animation etc. and I am never certain I can be creative enough in any of those specific tasks to justify me doing it in the first place. BUT the moment I’m actually working and doing it, the more my creativity begins to flow and the more it begins to take shape and transform. Start broad. Start simple. Just start. The magic will happen in the process.

CMV: Where do you find your best creative inspiration?

SH: I find the best creative inspiration in the world around me… and quite often it’s not in the same line of work as I do. I think it’s extremely important to be open and search outside of your profession for inspiration. I have some of my most creative moments as I’m trying to go to bed, quietly laying there in the dark with a notepad at my side, dreaming and scheming and finding ways to draw from the excitement of the day; whether it was seeing great architecture and then trying to incorporate it into a song or being inspired by a soccer game that makes me want to use it somehow in an animation.

I’ve also always enjoyed turning off one of my senses at times to enhance my other senses while brainstorming. I also do this just for the sake of it, like wearing earplugs while entering a new city to take in more with my eyes. Maybe that’s just me but I get overwhelmed sometimes with all my senses firing at the same time. Paring down and simplifying helps me to focus and experience things differently and discover something new.

CMV: What’s the one creative advice or tip you wish you’d known as a young person?

SH: No one’s going to do it for you; you are the sole driving force in your own creative process and it’s up to you to make it come alive. Sometimes you can find help, sometime you can’t, but you’ll never know until you start. Start, hit a wall, find a way around the wall, hit another wall, and by now you are getting used to circumventing walls (or climbing them!) and the more normal this part of the process become. Then, (and this is an important step) release it to the world! I have wasted far too much time leaving projects 99% done and not ‘shipping them out’ because I thought it wasn’t perfect.

CMV: Who would you like to hear speak at CreativeMornings?

SH: I’d love to see Seth Godin here speak here in Vancouver. I call him my buddy despite never meeting him in person because he never fails to inspire me with his sage advice when it comes to making a mark in this new and ever changing world.

CMV: What keeps you awake at night?

SH: What keeps me up at night? All the tasks I encountered throughout the day and whether or not there is a better way to approach them next time; whether it’s loading the dishwasher earlier, a conversation with someone or brainstorming an upcoming project, I tend to think, rethink AND overthink everything. All the time.

CMV: What books made a difference in your life and why?

SH: The Adventures of Tintin series* (yes, the children’s books) have been a big influence on my life. For one, Tintin is a young person that’s not afraid to go deep into the world to learn and discover. He is always searching for adventure. He’s a risk taker and he never feels limited by anything, and I think to be creative and successful (and hopefully creatively successful!) that’s how you have to approach life. Obviously we all have limitations but we should never allow them get in the way of what we want to strive towards. Go confidentially into everything you do. Or at least show up and start!

*Since I’m still learning from Tintin, I do not believe The Adventures of Tintin to be children’s books :P

CMV: Where was the last place you travelled?

SH:The last place I travelled also happens to be my favorite place to escape to… Cannon Beach, Oregon. It’s a small town full of cute art stores, candy stores and other mom and pop shops… all set against the most incredible, breathtaking backdrop; Miles and miles of beach and rock spires and the unmistakable majesty of the rugged West Coast. I am instantly refreshed the moment I catch a glimpse of the beach and smell the salt water in the air.


SFU Woodward’s - Goldcorp Centre for the Arts

Shaun Huberts speaks at CM/Vancouver Friday, October 4, at 8:30 am. To get a ticket, sign up here.

The Holon Group presents Product YVR:

Other than being the fantastic sponsors of our event this month, The Holon Group organizes fascinating events of their own.

Check out their next creative shindig, Product YVR, “an evening of discussion and connection with likeminded individuals that care about how experiences, interfaces, and products impact our daily interactions and culture overall.”

Product YVR happens Thursday, September 26, and you can grab a free ticket on Eventbrite.

Matthew Clark found out that he owed a headshot and bio while on vacation with his family in Whistler. Feeling that his current headshot was just not Creative-Mornings-Vancouver-appropriate, he took exactly 201 photos on his iPhone 4 using Hipstamatic before settling on lens: Tinto 1884, film: D-Type Plate (flash off), and having rearranged the floorlamps and furniture in the condo. Exporting the image into Photoshop Touch on his iPad (3), he dodged and burned the image and added some specular highlights in the eyes before calling it a night.

By way of foreshadowing, he also added the above paragraph to his existing bio.

Matthew Clark, is an internationally-recognized and highly awarded creative director and designer based in Vancouver, Canada. Founder of Subplot Design Inc., he is also an author, mentor, and public speaker known for his opinionated (amusingly?) take on branding, design, and the world of marketing and advertising. He is also a drawer, painter, and sword-play-dance-party-pantomime dad and husband.

Matthew took a circuitous route to design. Prepping in high-school for a medical career, he sat on the fence by enrolling in both advanced biology and studio art before fully switching to a fine art major with concentrations in psychology and literature, and he graduated with a bachelor’s degree (with honors) in fine arts in 1992 from the University of British Columbia. Having already started a one-man design firm in 1989 during university, Matthew joined DDB Canada’s design division, karacters, in 1994, moving up the ranks to Associate Creative Director, focusing on consumer, packaging, and retail design. Almost 10 years in, Matthew left DDB with fellow ACD Roy White and founded Subplot in 2004.

Matthew’s passion and commitment to breakthrough creativity has been recognized in over 200 local, national, and international design shows and publications, including Graphis, New York Festivals, Mobius Awards, ID, Good Design Awards, Graphic Designers of Canada, Advertising and Design Club of Canada, Lotus Awards, Lurzer’s ARCHIVE, London International Advertising Awards, and Pentawards. Matthew’s work is also part of the permanent collections of the Chicago Athenaeum Museum and the Design Exchange.

Matthew is an accredited professional member of the Graphic Designers of Canada; contributes regularly to industry publications including Applied Arts, Design Edge Canada, and Marketing and Strategy magazines; and is a frequent portfolio reviewer, design awards show judge, and public speaker on design and branding.

From our friends at CreativeMornings/New York:



Be direct. Be messy. Put stuff out there. Experiment. Observe. Enjoy. #creativemornings #urbanism (at Governors Island)

Notes from today’s CreativeMornings/NewYork.

Happy 2nd birthday CreativeMornings/Vancouver! Here’s to many more creative years to come.