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The June theme is all about Survival

The ability to overcome adversity and withstand waves of turbulent times is part of the human spirit. In our hardwiring, it is the oldest of threads that also fuels our creativity.

 Stories of survival resonate because they remind us of our inherent power to adapt and change. A choice is always present, and survival is about choosing to move forward.

 This month, our creativity will be empowered by the humbling stories of survival—from job loss, heartbreak, to life-altering moments. We must not forget that the necessity of survival imbues us. The fact that we’re fragile and complex doesn’t make us weak; in fact, it makes us stronger.

 The theme was chosen by our Baltimore chapter and illustrated by Timo Kuilder.

Serendipity with Dan Mikkin

In May we were talking about Serendipity in service design with Dan Mikkin - brand and service designer, one of the founders of the Brand Manual. The service design company is based in Tallinn and Stockholm.

Dan shared his secrets and experiences in service design, we also received lots of useful tips how to train your intuition in service design preparation.

“Serendipity is a great thing, but it never just happens. When you learn both the service provider’s and the user’s point of view, then things really click together. Good stuff happens to the prepared!”

Photo: Andra Hamburg

Find out more about Dan Mikkin:



May theme is Serendipity

The term ‘serendipity’ was coined in 1754 by the aristocrat Horace Walpole. While reading a Persian fairytale called “The Three Princes of Serendip,” he wrote to a friend to share his realization. “The princes were always making discoveries, by accident and sagacity, of things they were not in quest of.”

When you hear stories about serendipity, they have an undertone of delight, pleasure, and sometimes profound transformation. These unforeseen, joyful accidents are often the opportunities we seek and cherish—and above all, they’re moments that we don’t forget.

How might we see, embrace, or cultivate serendipity? In 170 cities throughout 62 countries, we’ll hear about the unplanned moments that led to something new.

The theme was chosen by our Moscow chapter and illustrated by Anton Yermolov.

Welcome Tallinn

CreativeMornings Tallinn is a free, monthly breakfast lecture series for people interested in all things creativity. Each event is free, and includes a 20-minute talk, plus coffee!

Interested in being a volunteer? Tell us more about yourself in an email to tallinn[at]creativemornings.com - or ask us after an event :)