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By the time Soledad Piñero Misa ended her talk, the room was filled with emotions. It seemed like everybody left yearning for more, so we thought it might be a good idea to keep the conversation going. Here’s what she told us.

Great talk! Do you feel playful on stage?

I would say it is a blend of play and structure. For me being playful is being present, sharing from the heart, not overthinking things. While giving a speech you still need to focus on the message, keep this structure. Let’s say it is 60% play and 40% being aware. When you play, you lose sense of time, while giving a speech you still need to be aware of people, of what you want to convey.

How did the idea of Retoy first come up? 

I wanted to create something where play and joy were central and would lead to children experiencing how fun it is to be environmentally friendly and to change the world for the better. 

The most important moment was when I asked myself the question “what would I do if I only had a few years left to live? Would I work? What would my life look like?” My instinctive answer was that I would work, probably harder than ever. I would work with children, preferably in refugee camps.

My son was just old enough to understand where the things around him came from and began to question why the things we had and the food we ate were not all produced in ways that help people and the environment, wouldn’t hurt them.

In the process of explaining things to him, I realized that there was a tremendous opportunity to help children understand the ways in which their choices affect themselves and the lives of others. If more children live lives in which their rights were respected and change consumption patterns so that we stop abusing the earth’s resources, in such a way that leads to climate change and natural disasters, we would drive less children to end up in refugee camps. The idea of Retoy was born!

What’s your dream goal with Retoy - where do you want it to go? 

The dream goal with Retoy is for all children around the world to experience and enjoy their rights fully, as well as experiencing how much fun it is to be environmentally conscious. We start with the playfulness and creativity that is already present in each child and use that to inspire them. We want them to feel that they can be part of playing their way to a better world. 

What would be your message to the Creative Mornings Community?

Be more honest with yourself. Have courage to create space for things you love. Play and at the same time take responsibility for things you love to happen. If you play, things will come to you naturally. Find a combination between what love you love and what contributes to a better world!

Image by: Retoy

Our next Creative Mornings speaker (Nov 22) will be Social Entrepreneur of 2013 by Veckans Affärer - Soledad Piñero Misa.Soledad Piñero Misa is the founder and CEO of Retoy which creates playful opportunities for children to engage in children’s rights, the environment and global interconnectedness. 

Tickets will be available on Monday November 18. Read more here - Happy Friday! 

Creative inspiration from TEDTalks. 

Hetain Patel: Who am I? Think again.

How do we decide who we are? Hetain Patel’s surprising performance plays with identity, language and accent — and challenges you to think deeper than surface appearances. A delightful meditation on self, with performer Yuyu Rau, and inspired by Bruce Lee.


For years, artists trotted the globe in search of inspiration. Whether they chose the bohemian streets of Paris or the remote landscapes in Tahiti, they looked for a lifetime experience to turn them upside down.

However, when the phenomenon of modern tourism spread, the way people approached travelling changed radically. Everything was standardised for the customer’s satisfaction.

Now, as we dive into the new century, sites like Airbnb, an online platform for individuals “to list, discover, and book unique accommodations”, are tearing this idea to pieces.

It was Julio Cortázar the one who said “we’re like carbon copies, identical with the original except another colour, another paper, another end product.” Our needs and desires may look incredibly different on the surface, but they’re extremely close at their core. Humans are tied through the most fundamental impulses. We yearn for an enriching experience as much as Hemingway or Gauguin did back in time.

The greatness of Airbnb lies there. The tool is revolutionary not because they made up something completely new, they just found an easy way to connect people all over the world. Today it is possible to visit 192 countries and still feel at home. And its trust, one of the most basic human feelings, what makes it feasible. 

Special thanks to Adriana Bellet for the illustration

“The future often begins with something silly, something crazy, something what makes you laugh. Future should be strange, weird, quirky, provocative, dangerous, difficult and above all creative,”- Magnus Lindkvist graciously finished his talk in Creative Mornings.

Magnus is a well known trendspotter and futurologist who has shared his insights about the future with Creative Mornings Community in Stockholm. According to Magnus there are different ideas which influence the future; these ideas are either transitional or transformational. Transitional ideas would spread around the world and magnify, while transformational ones would make the “magic” happen.

In our times, technology can be classified as one of these transformational ideas or to be more precise as an enabler of transformational ideas. Decades ago it took weeks to travel; now with the help of technology as Magnus said “everything, even 20 elephants, can be transported within 22 hours”. Moreover, we can share ideas in a matter of seconds. I could not agree more with his statement “When technology becomes so common that it doesn’t have a special name - this is when it enables us to achieve magic”.

And Magnus Lindkvist encourages us to do this magic. His talk could serve as a manifesto for all creators as he calls us not to be afraid to be silly or strange or quirky, not to be afraid of difficulties or provocations, because this is where the future lies, this is where creation lives.

What a wonderful morning listening to Airbnb’s Scandinavian Manager Aja Guldhammer on the theme of Connect. See all photos here. Big thanks to our photographer Richard Ortega and to our sponsors Artspace Group, Bianchi Café & Cycles and Lavazza.

We’re getting ready for Friday’s event: Aja Guldhammer will talk about the Airbnb story, the growth of the sharing economy and how it might impact cities if we all share a little bit more. In the spirit of the sharing economy, check out this short film featuring Airbnb and how reputation is becoming a driver for trusted trades, especially digitally.