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Kisha Bradley AKA. #Girls with Drills

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April 26, 8:30am • The Holt • part of a series on Inclusive

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A cosy November edition discussing life in a creative world. With the founder of @mamnick™ where his motto reads: One thing at a time, as beautiful as possible. Fine products manufactured in the UK and Japan. More details coming soon, for the time-being pencil in November 25th back down at 99 Mary Street. See you there for our fourth edition with another inspiring talk and hot coffee by Ink and Water.

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Our fabulous speaker for this month’s theme ‘Transparency’ @ChellaQuint talking this Friday on: ‘Being clear about period taboos’. See you there for some great informative humour #CMtransparency #CMsheffield #creativemornings 

Stoked to announce our next speaker. More details coming soon but you can pencil in the date already 28.10.2016 and location will be the new home of Sheffield Institute of Arts at Fitzalan Square. #CMtransparency #CMsheffield #creativemornings

…and in other news! We got our first @mailchimp newsletter out. There will be two a month. One to show you what went down and one to tell you what is coming up. Be sure to subscribe and Gmailers please check your promotion tab as that is their natural migration spot. That’s Google’s algorithms for you. #CMsheffield #creativemornings #mailchimp #newsletter

Talk #2 went down last Friday morning and was great. Big thanks to speaker Mark Wrigley and sharing his favourite word: ‘It’s not magic, it’s made. And it takes Gumption’ #word

September’s 'magic' theme was chosen by our Porto chapter ( Ours is a community that invites magical experiences and ideas with open arms, and together in 150+ cities, we will explore the topic of #CMmagic with glittering eyes.

#CMsheffield #creativemornings