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Angga Kara AKA Men Up North

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June 28, 8:30am • Sheffield Institute of Arts • part of a series on Wonder

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This month’s theme was chosen by our Oslo chapter, was illustrated by David Stenmark and is presented by our Global Partner MailChimp.

While many taboos keeps the world spinning, there are many rusty ones that are delaying it from evolving. And although we’re hardwired to stand before the edge of taboo, there are others who have gone over it. 

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This month’s speaker is Aimee Harrison AKA @linecutsupply + the force behind curation of #womenofsteel talks @YArtspace over the last 4 months! This month's hosts are the expanding and stupendous @weareroco Sheffield's Creative Coop. #CMmoments #creativemornings #CMsheffield

Introducing February’s global theme. ‘We tend to measure our lives by days or years. The challenge of our times is not to chase after moments, but learning to embrace the one we have right now and do well with it.’ Chosen by our Montreal chapter and illustrated by Patrick Seymour, a French art director from Montréal. #CMmoments #CMsheffield #creativemornings 

Interesting quote from this month’s speaker Tom Tobia AKA Co-Founder Makerversity. Want to know more? Of course you do! See you on the 27th at Yoomee’s new HQ in Park Hill.  #CMmystery #CMsheffield #creativemornings #makerversity #inspiration  #community

A cosy November edition discussing life in a creative world. With the founder of @mamnick™ where his motto reads: One thing at a time, as beautiful as possible. Fine products manufactured in the UK and Japan. More details coming soon, for the time-being pencil in November 25th back down at 99 Mary Street. See you there for our fourth edition with another inspiring talk and hot coffee by Ink and Water.

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