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Sharna Jackson AKA. Artistic Director at Site Gallery

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January 25, 8:30am • Site Gallery • part of a series on Surreal

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An open air #CMsurvival edition with Kim Swan AKA. Born & Bread at the Sheffield Amphitheatre behind the train station with incredible views across the city as we see it waking up! Good morning this month Jun 23. See you there. 

Loving the amount of smiles in this picture. Another belter morning. Thanks for everyone involved in making this happen and who came along. Photo credit:

**SAVE THE DATE: MAY 26** : Come along this month to hear Patrick Walker (Dust Collective) & Laura Higham (FAI Farms) talking Art X Science X Food X Future = A non-hairy shirt version of sustainable food production. Also the development of the recently launched beautiful and insightful publication series ‘How Fine A Mess: A journal for chefs, brewers, artists, musicians and everyone who consumes the good stuff. All things Street food!’ Produced in collaboration with Dust, the wonderful Peddler and ASAP. Pat and Laura will be telling their stories of collaboration and experimentation with some happy serendipitous results. With tips on how you, as consumers, can help to improve the current food production situation. More info coming soon, including location confirmation… #CMserendipity

SAVE THE DATE > APRIL 28 next event lined up with these Ben & Mat AKA. Lyon & Lyon. Talking ideas & BEYOND!!! #CMBEYOND #creativemornings #CMsheffield 

Our head sponsor this month is La Biblioteka. A periodicals shop, studio and project space located between the Peace Gardens and The Moor. La Biblioteka stocks magazines and books that span fashion, literature, travel, architecture, food, art, and other printed matter. The multidisciplinary space also hosts readings, discussion groups, and launch events, and we collaborate with cultural organisations and various projects in and around Sheffield.Come say hello to Founder Alex Maxwell who will be at the morning with a pop-up stall featuring a fine selection of fab publications. Bring along your purses and wallets to pick up some fine printed matter.They also do a superb subscription service. Be sure to check it out. 

Photo Credit: Nigel Barker via Our Fave Places

This month’s speaker Mark Musgrave AKA. Printed By Us will be telling more about this awesome project on Friday March 31. Printed By Us run screen printing workshops for vulnerable people in Sheffield who may have experienced homelessness or other complex issues and who want to learn new skills and move towards employment. They create artwork with some of Sheffield’s finest designers and then hand screen print artwork, sell the prints, then run more workshops. Printed By Us has a positive impact on the mental health and wellbeing for those involved, and is run by people who have overcome challenging circumstances themselves and carries the line: ‘Designed by Sheffield Artists, Printed By Us’. #creativemornings #cmsheffield #community#creative #print #screenprint #sheffield #sheffieldprintclub #wellbeing#printedbyus #cmtaboo Sheffield Print Club

Day of perfect combinations & confirmations > Can announce March speaker Mark Musgrave AKA. Printed By Us at our dear friends 99 Mary Street. More details coming soon but pencil in March 31st. Only 40 tickets available for this gem of a morning. Coffee fuelled by Ink & Water and with mega support from La Biblioteka. #CMtaboo #CMsheffield #CreativeMornings

This month’s theme was chosen by our Oslo chapter, was illustrated by David Stenmark and is presented by our Global Partner MailChimp.

While many taboos keeps the world spinning, there are many rusty ones that are delaying it from evolving. And although we’re hardwired to stand before the edge of taboo, there are others who have gone over it. 

#creativemornings #cmsheffield #cmtaboo

This month’s speaker is Aimee Harrison AKA @linecutsupply + the force behind curation of #womenofsteel talks @YArtspace over the last 4 months! This month's hosts are the expanding and stupendous @weareroco Sheffield's Creative Coop. #CMmoments #creativemornings #CMsheffield