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As the international market for design grows, the value of knowing unique writing systems deepens. International typographer Mamoun Sakkal will tantalize us with stories on the challenge and beauty of designing Arabic typefaces during May’s Creative Morning talk, Writing Backwards: Designing Arabic Typefaces.

An expert in multiple Arabic typographic disciplines, including multiple types of calligraphy, Sakkal has had a longstanding career with letterforms in addition to his expert knowledge on on developing Arabic typefaces in conjunction with Latin typefaces. To prepare you for what will be a fantastic talk, we’ll be posting examples of his work whet your appetites over the next week.

To get things started, here’s a look at Shilia, one of several typefaces Mamoun has designed. This specific typeface was made as an Arabic companion to Linotype Univers (designed by Adrian Frutiger). Examples of both shown below.

(Images via Linotype)

And here’s an example of a custom version of this typeface in action at the Burj Khalifa Hotel in Dubai, UAE. It looks especially stunning paired with Univers within their wayfinding system.

(Images via sakkal.com)

Another example of his Arabic-Latin collaborations is Arabtek, designed to be compatible with the English font, Teknik.

(Images via sakkal.com)

And finally, here’s Sakkal Kufi, a typeface based on traditional forms of Kufic calligraphy, one of several Arabic calligraphy disciplines.

(Images via sakkal.com)

This is just a sampling of Mamoun Sakkal’s work and there will be plenty more to see and hear about during May’s Creative Morning! Be sure to grab tickets if you haven’t already!