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May’s Theme is Nature. What can nature teach us about living with strength, vulnerability, and grace during these challenging times? In the book Emergent Strategy. by Adrienne Maree Brown, Naima Penniman reflects on the decentralized strength of oak trees: “Amidst the whipping winds and surging water, the oak tree held its ground. How? Instead of digging its roots deep and solitary into the earth, the oak tree grows its roots wide and interlocks with other oak trees in the surrounding area.” It’s natural to be feeling alone and scared when storms come our way. But nature, in all its forms and stages, shows us time and time again that resilience comes from adapting, collaborating, and leaning on the support systems around us. By moving away from the idea that we need to be strong on our own, we open up possibilities in our lives and build our collective resilience. Whether it’s in person or from afar, find the networks you can interlock with and ground yourself in them. Lean on those branches of support and hold on tight. Surviving and thriving in hard times requires us to bind together even while apart. Our Salt Lake City chapter chose this month’s exploration of Nature, David Habben illustrated the theme, and it’s presented globally by WordPress.com.

James Victore spoke to our April theme PURPOSE.

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We’re going BIG this month and crossing off a bucket list item! As big as TEXAS and a CreativeMornings like no other! CreativeMornings Texas- uniting the creatives of the Lone Star State!!! Friday, April 17th! See you then!!

April’s Theme is Purpose. You are here. Being here means you are alive, that you exist, and the mere fact that you exist means you have purpose. “Purpose" does not have to be something grandiose. In fact, it can exist in all sizes and dimensions, separately, or even all at once. Author and coach Martha Beck once wrote, “The ‘track’ of your life’s purpose has a unique character. It often shows up as a sense of joy and lightness in the body […] It may also appear as fascination, a strong desire to pay attention to certain topics or phenomena. More than anything, it’s a sense that what we’re doing is meaningful.” Your purpose is made up of both the literal and the abstract, and its power is unmistakable. Those moments, memories, ideas, and conversations that you find yourself circling back to, with great fondness, make up the fabric of your purpose. What makes you light up inside? What brings you peace? What are the big ideas that bring meaning to your days? And what are the specific details about each of these feelings that you’re drawn to? However big or however small, draw your strength and inspiration from your purpose. Give yourself permission to approach your decisions with your purpose in mind. The more you do things in line with your purpose, the less you’ll default to what you’re conditioned to do. When in doubt, take the steps you need to follow the path of your own joy. This path is your purpose. Our Indianapolis chapter chose this month’s exploration of Purpose and Jason Ratliffillustrated the theme.

Leighton W. spoke to March’s theme IDENTITY.

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March’s Theme is Identity. What makes you, you? Your identity is made up of multitudes — the stories you carry, the music you love, the challenges you overcome, the books you read, the communities you’re a part of, and more. But your identity is a colorful blend of not only what you consume or create, but also the questions you ask and what you’re willing to learn. In her CreativeMornings talk Lucy Bellwood shared, “When we box ourselves too tightly into a single identity or career path, we deprive ourselves of the nutrients necessary to remain connected to the world around us. We are lacking in vitamin curiosity.“ The things that make you unmistakably you are not just the eclectic edges, but the simple pillars, beliefs, and values that you simply can’t shake. What sort of spirit or energy do you bring to a room? How do you show up in the world? What are your pillars? The most unique care and love you can give to your creative identity is to craft it with your own hands. Our Jakarta chapter chose this month’s exploration of Identity and Nadya Noorillustrated the theme.

Randy Lankford spoke to February’s theme INVEST.

Hosted at Confluence Park (San Antonio River Foundation) on Friday, 2/28.

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February’s Theme is Invest. Every day we give our time, resources, and energy to the world through our decisions. We might read certain books, join a new community, or pick up a hobby. And whether we acknowledge it or not, every choice we make is an investment either for or against ourselves. Wise investing requires patience and awareness. It’s an art that combines our knowledge from past experiences with future aspirations to inform where we’ll put our energy and our heart. To live a sustainable creative life requires us to say ‘yes’ to the choices that bring richness into our lives, even when it seems risky. In the Investment Theory of Creativity psychologist Robert J. Sternberg discovered: “The greatest obstacle to creativity […] is not exactly strictures from others, but rather the limitations one places on one’s own thinking.” Take this opportunity to diversify your dreams. Convert your doubts into positive currency and bet on yourself. Without a doubt, you’ll see a worthwhile return. Our Hong Kong chapter chose this month’s exploration of Invest and Bao Hoillustrated the theme. 

Jon Coker spoke on January’s theme ROOTS.

Hosted at The Impact Guild on Friday, 1/17.

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January’s Theme is Roots. A tree is made up of not only its colorful leaves, but also its bark, branches, and most of all — its roots. The roots exist to provide sustenance and a strong foundation for the rest of its body. Examine your own ‘roots.’ When you retrace them, what do you find? In his CreativeMornings talk, James Victore shares, ‘The things that made you weird as a kid make you great today. But only if you put it in your work.’ Identify the things that ground you and what you’ve carried with you over time. How have your roots shaped who you are today? The start of a brand-new decade gives you the perfect excuse to dig up the old and to nourish the elements that sustain you. Courageous, creative work begins below the ground. Our Québec chapter chose this month’s exploration of Roots and Félix Girardillustrated the theme.