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TODAY IS THE DAY! See you soon morning people ☕️ We’re trying something new this month and will have designer/illustrator @hipsterthebear sketching the talk live as it happens. It’s gonna be 👌🏽 — view on Instagram http://ift.tt/2DsIbp4

Hang in there, just one more day! Can’t make it tomorrow? Release your ticket (it just takes a second). We have a full waitlist of peeps who would love your spot so relieve someone’s anxiety and let it go! — view on Instagram http://ift.tt/2Drx2pq

We are so excited to be partnering with @sacfoodcoop - they are supplying our venue, breakfast, and Pachamama coffee at our meeting this Friday 🙏 As a business committed to sustainability, the @sacfoodcoop is doing a raffle for everyone who brings their own mug ☕️ Do your part, show some flair, and win some merch! Challenge yourself to staying earth-friendly all day and take RT or ride your bike to the event! 🌎 — view on Instagram http://ift.tt/2DqJ8iA

Only three days until we get to hear @robontheroadpbs talk about #cmanxiety 🙌 Jump on the waitlist if you haven’t gotten a ticket yet, link in bio! — view on Instagram http://ift.tt/2DpED6U

Good morning, morning people! TICKETS OPEN AT 11 AM TODAY 🎉💛 Click the link in our bio for more information and to register! Tickets go fast so set an alarm. Reminder that we will be at our new location @sacfoodcoop this month. See you all Friday! — view on Instagram http://ift.tt/2EJdGZb

Set your reminders 📆 🕚 Tickets are available on Monday 1/15 at 11am! Reminder that we will be at our new location @sacfoodcoop - parking is limited so we encourage attendees to take advantage of Regional Transit or carpool with a friend! See you all bright and early next friday! — view on Instagram http://ift.tt/2AUrHAK

Have you taken our feedback survey yet? Your thoughts will help shape the year to come. Survey link in bio 💛 and make sure you subscribe to our email list so you never miss out on the fun stuff we have coming! — view on Instagram http://ift.tt/2D6Kqyp

We want to hear your stories! Last month we did a book swap - did anyone find their new favorite book? We’ve heard of job offers, projects created, and friends made through our meetings. DM us & share your story so we can feature you! •
📷: @dianaelenaphotos — view on Instagram http://ift.tt/2mnfO1E

Have an awesome idea you want to share with our community? Sign up for our 30 second pitch! Every month, we let 5 audience members take the podium for 30 seconds to share their creative minds. Click the link in our bio! — view on Instagram http://ift.tt/2AKd571