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October’s theme is Flow.

It’s no secret that our modern-day world is full of distractions: Glowing screens. Notifications. 24-hour news cycles. At times, it can feel exhausting to try and get things done with all the bells and whistles competing for your attention.

In his book, Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience, psychologist and researcher Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi theorizes that people are happiest when they are in a state of flow. Flow is the experience of completely immersing yourself in a singular pursuit and effectively applying your skills to it. When you’re in flow, your awareness of time momentarily dissolves. You’re in a temporary, but energizing state that helps you make progress with the task in front of you.

So, how can you rise above the noise and get into flow? First, quiet your mind and take a deep breath. Then, pick one task (yes, just one) and set clear goals for it. Move or put away any distractions around you. Lastly, take your first action. Whether it’s writing your first sentence, drawing your first stroke, or playing your first note — dive in. Activate your flow and let it carry you where you need to go.

Our Mexico City chapter chose this month’s exploration of and David Espinosaillustrated the theme. 

Richmond will explore this theme with Anthony Bryant on October 18th at the West Creek Campus of our partners at Capital One. Tickets go live Monday, October 14th at 10am!  


The CreativeMornings/Richmond team chapter hosted a mini summit in September. We welcome organizers from New York City, Charlottesville, Raleigh, and Sherbrooke (yas Canada!

We kicked off Summit with Christy Coleman at #CMmuse at the beautiful Studio Two Three. The weekend included print-making, dancing at Turn RVA, swapping ideas, discussing important topics and building relationships. 

Watch our kick off adventures here

Take a peek at the rest of the action here.

Thank you so much to our partners for making this a refreshing weekend for all. Special thanks to Paige Stevens Photography and Double Take for capturing our morning activities.

MUSE | Christy Coleman

Say it with me: "Show up! Stand out!” “Show up! Stand out!

Christy Coleman’s declaration of how her muse inspired her to action resonated loudly at our September event. Her work as a museum CEO tackling American history & culture with passion, humor, and a little irreverence expanded our thinking and encouraged our muse to come out and play. 

Web: acwm.org

Twitter: @historygonwrong    

Thank you to our generous partners at Capital One, IdeaWeavers, Worth Higgins and Associates, ICF NextMartin Agency, Fahrenheit IT, and newest to the partner family Bonfire

Look for all the photos and the video of the talk HERE

Thank you for showing up and standing out like you do! 

September’s theme is Muse

Whether you’re a mathematician tinkering with complex equations or a musician pairing discordant notes together, searching for inspiration can often send you in circles. The longer you sit and wait for an epiphany to strike, the harder it gets to make progress.

What if you could get unstuck by turning to your muse?

Your muse comes from the deepest parts of your imagination and guides you to new ideas. It invites you to bring your dreams to life using the raw materials found in your daily life. Artist and director Oroma Elewa once said, “I am my own muse. I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to know better.”

The next time you want to draw out your muse, stimulate your imagination in a different context. Leave your desk, take a walk outside, read something different, observe the ordinary, or try your hand at a new recipe.

Chances are your muse will come out to play.

Our Dubai chapter chose this month’s exploration of Muse and Shahul Hameed illustrated the theme. Presented around the world by our Global Partner, Mailchimp.

JUSTICE | Carol Adams

Carol shared a heart-felt story about her life path as it relates to Justice. For those in attendance, it felt like we experienced something important together. We hope it will inspire people to take action and get involved where you can.

Twitter: @walkamileRVA
FB: www.facebook.com/thecaroladamsfoundation

Thank you community for showing up and supporting each other like you do.

Thank you to our generous partners at Capital One, IdeaWeavers, Worth Higgins and Associates, ICF Next, and Martin Agency.

Fair warning, the events described in this talk may be triggering for victims of violence. If you’d like to be touched and inspired by Carol’s story, learn more HERE.

Photos of the day

August’s theme is Justice

Justice can be a path to healing in fractured times.

When we envision moments related to justice, we often think of suits, a gavel hitting the surface of a desk, or people marching in the streets. Change happens when enough people raise their hands to work together.

Author Omid Safi wrote, “Justice is love, embodied. We cannot speak of love without linking it to justice, nor of justice unless it is permeated by love.” Justice is restorative when empathetic and innovative solutions are brought to the forefront.

Through generous listening, we all hold the ability to form moments where people can feel safe, strong, and at ease.

Our Bratislava chapter chose this month’s exploration of Justice and Simona Cechova illustrated the theme.


We started at the end and worked our way backwards this July with Magnus Hierta of Hue & Cry. 

Thank you community for showing up and supporting each other like you do. 

Thank you to our generous partners at Capital One, IdeaWeavers, Worth Higgins and Associates, ICF Next, Martin Agency, Fahrenheit IT, and guest takeover partners at Joe Smith for a great 90s throwback experience. 

Watch the beginning, middle and end of the talk HERE.

See you next time! 

July’s theme is End

Ends are unique opportunities in disguise. They allow us to make meaning out of our past relationships, experiences, projects, and seasons in life. On the other hand, beginnings are romanticized and energize us to envision all the impressive things we will do. Headlines celebrate the latest rising startup or ‘it’ destinations travelers must see. But reaching the end of something can also carry meaningful joy.

Author Wes Moore once talked about the difference between our jobs and our work. Moore said, “Your goal should never be to start something. Your goal should be to end things.” When we truly fulfill an ending, it reflects growth and real change. We can create projects to end loneliness, walk away from empty relationships, change habits, or choose a different career trajectory. The secret about ‘the end’ is that it actually contains countless possibilities.

Our Rio de Janeiro chapter chose this month’s exploration of End and Isadora Zeferino illustrated the theme.


Emily Herr uses her power for good as a Virginia based, travel ready muralist. She had us laughing and crying as we listened intently to her wonder/wander-full stories. 

Thank you to our generous partners at Capital One, IdeaWeavers, Worth Higgins and Associates, ICF Next, Martin Agency, and Joe Smith for keeping the lights on. 

Watch Emily’s talk here