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What a lovely team!! making amazing things happen, along with our inspiring speaker Hassan Yusuf @hassanmyusuf

Hidden Talents Station !!!

Where everyone share their passion and dreams…Check them out

1- Israa Mukhtar: Lettering, MUKHTARISRAA@gmail.com

2- Aya: Photographer, artist, Creative writing in both Arabic and English.0599855496

3- Miasem Bajowaiber: mia_sem@hotmail.com, 0534300015, Open for volunteering

4- Joharah Al Begani: Beginner in graphic design, joharah.bog@gmail.com, 0500244735

5- Sara Al-Ansary: I have a huge passion for photography and art, I am ready to help anyone! shralansary@gmail.com. 0556693454

Our lovely registration volunteers ❤️ Everyone is creative, Everyone is welcome

“You are not done with a book until you pass it to another reader”                         Donalyn miller

The creative speaker @abdulsalamalamri…Thank you for the inspiring talk & presentation