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The Commodity of Being Weird

What do YOU consider WEIRD? 

Knate Higgins knows a little about Weird. He has embraced it and turned into a powerful local brand.

Knate is the creative director and general manager of Deadwick’s Ethereal Emporium, and the Volunteer Special Series Curator for Seacoast Repertory Theatre. Higgins is also the body behind Bunny Wonderland, the Seacoast’s most celebrated drag queen. 

In a small community that is ever growing by landscape and gentrification, Knate has made his artistic mantra to “Keep Portsmouth Weird.”

Visit him at Deadwicks Ethereal Emporium or Pickwicks Mercantile.


What’s Love Got To Do With It? Keeping It Real and Connected To The Work We Do.

New England floral and event designer, event planner, treasure hunter, creative adventurer, food lover, gardener and sometimes surfer was our speaker in July on the global topic of LOVE. Owner & Creative Director of Beautiful Days & Maine Prop House.

Conquering the English Channel: Give Up, Give In, or Give It Everything.

Despite facing a broken foot and learning swimming later in life, Bob Fernald successfully swam across the English Channel on July 22, 2014, in a time of 10 hours and 50 minutes (the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation’s fastest swim at that time for 2014). Bob will share his story and experiences with us in this month’s series on BROKEN.

Bob Fernald, a Portsmouth Native, is a local ultra marathon distance swimmer, and open water swim coach. Finding swimming later in life, Bob has pursued a passion that has put him on a short list of world class open water swimmers. The English Channel, and the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim are a few of his recent accomplishments.

It wasn’t easy, but Professor Jeff Stern and his Bentley University students went on a 48-hour “Digital Fast” in which they shut down all their devices and experienced a very different kind of REALITY for a weekend. Jeff talked about the experience in our May series on REALITY.

And by show of hands at the end of the talk, it looks like #CMPKX is up for a Digital Fast of their own. Stay tuned!

April 22 Creative Mornings PKX featured Mike Teixeira & Duncan Craig who separately are leads at local creative firms Calypso Communication & Raka Creative, but who together are the founders of A Tiny Bit Huge.

What to do when a fiercely independent and vibrant yet hard to define art community needs a boost? 

Enter A Tiny Bit Huge.  A campaign to raise visibility of Portsmouth NH as an arts and cultural center. 

A Tiny Bit Huge comes complete with a full team of volunteer creatives and a plan to shine a spotlight on the artists that make up the incredible seacoast art scene. 

You can support the cause by visiting their website at A Tiny Bit Huge and purchasing some cool swag but also by supporting and suggesting a local artist to feature.

It’s a bold, dare we say RISKY, move by A Tiny Bit Huge - but one we think is worth it. Look for video coming soon on the CreativeMornings PXK site

Hey PKX. Many of you wanted to continue conversation with Brad Anderson of Grain Surfboards after his talk. Here are some links that he provided to do just that. Please reach out - I’m sure he’d love to hear from you.

Grain Surfboards

About: Interface Flooring “Mission Zero”

Video: Ray Anderson Inspires - Love on the Factory Floor, Unleashing Creativity

Video: Brad Anderson - What is Re-Evolution?

Video: Grain’s Values-Based Business

Video: An Introduction to Grain Surfboards

Channel: Grain Surfboards on Vimeo

Channel: Grain Surfboards on YouTube

Brad Anderson Creative Mornings PKX talk at Buoy Gallery in Kittery Maine. 

Still Images from our talk with Molly McPherson by Wendy Freedman. Thanks to the awesome Molly McPherson of www.sparktacktics.com for speaking to our PKX creative Community. Thanks also to our Team PKX Wendy Freedman, Steff Rahaim, Brett Davis, Kurt Danielson, Mary Jo Brown, Noelle Grattan & Geneve Hoffman. And to our PKX community who braved the Feb Maine weather - hope you enjoyed the talk! Last but def not least - our sponsors Lil’s Cafe, Infinite Imaging, Buoy Gallery, FreshBooks, ShutterStock & MailChimp for making all of this possible. Thank you! Please visit our flickr stream to enjoy, share and download any images.  https://www.flickr.com/photos/creativemorningspkx/