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Marisa McClellan

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May 31, 8:30am • Center / Architecture + Design • part of a series on Preserve

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The ability to overcome adversity and withstand waves of turbulent times is part of the human spirit. In our hardwiring, it is the oldest of threads that also fuels our creativity. In 2005, Andrew Simonet founded Artists U, an artist-run incubator for helping artists make sustainable lives. In June 2017, he spoke to CreativeMornings Philadelphia about making a successful, sustainable living in art. All photos taken by Steve Weinik.

“Love is the answer to all things,” he says. But how do we create it? In April 2017, Ed Tettemer took us “beyond logic” in an inspirational talk on love and success.

As we explored the taboo in March 2017, web developer Courtney Wilburn took to the stage at the Center / Architecture + Design to discuss how marginalized communities use technology to organize and make their voices heard. All photos taken by Steve Weinik.

“The mystery is that the past is often just as clouded as the future,” says Justin Duerr. This visual artist, musician, and writer has explored the mysteries of the Toynbee tiles and obscure cartoonist Herbert Crowley, and in January 2017, he helped the CreativeMornings Philadelphia community learn more about mystery. Photos taken by Steve Weinik.

In December 2016, CreativeMornings Philadelphia explored sound with Tony Award-winning sound designer Robert Kaplowitz. His talk gave us all a new perspective on the vibrations that give our lives meaning and context. Photos taken by Steve Weinik.

CreativeMornings Philadelphia explored and celebrated fantasy in November with Heather Ujiie. As an artist, designer, and educator at Moore College of Art and Design, Heather has channeled elements of fantasy into her creative and innovative work, while also maintaining a connection with reality. Photos taken by Steve Weinik.

In October, CreativeMornings Philadelphia explored transparency with Conrad Benner, founder and editor of, a Philly-based photo-blog that documents and celebrates street art, graffiti, and urban exploration. In his talk, he discussed the challenges of documenting and celebrating an illegal art form, how keeping an honest dialog with his readers helped him to grow his blog and social media platforms to become one of the most followed individuals in Philadelphia, and how working openly with advertisers allowed him to turn his labor of love into a career.

Photo credit: Steve Weinik