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Jessica Abel

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October 25, 8:30am • Center / Architecture + Design • part of a series on Flow

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“I purposely place my art in public spaces to say ‘we are here, we have been here, and this is what we contribute.” In December 2017, the CreativeMornings Philadelphia community heard about context, art, and issues surrounding immigration from visual artist, muralist, and community arts educator Michelle Angela Ortiz.

All photos by Steve Weinik.

“Part of why I’m death-obsessed or ‘dead’-icated is because I’ve experienced loss,” said Evi Numen, an artist, curator, and researcher focused on mourning through art. In November 2017, she spoke to the CreativeMornings Philadelphia community about death.

All photos taken by Steve Weinik.

“Compassion does not have to be perfect, but it does have to be intentional.” In September 2017, Chris Bolden-Newsome, co-founder and co-director of the farm at Bartram’s Garden, spoke about the importance of compassion in everyday life.

All photos taken by Steve Weinik.

The ability to overcome adversity and withstand waves of turbulent times is part of the human spirit. In our hardwiring, it is the oldest of threads that also fuels our creativity. In 2005, Andrew Simonet founded Artists U, an artist-run incubator for helping artists make sustainable lives. In June 2017, he spoke to CreativeMornings Philadelphia about making a successful, sustainable living in art. All photos taken by Steve Weinik.

“Love is the answer to all things,” he says. But how do we create it? In April 2017, Ed Tettemer took us “beyond logic” in an inspirational talk on love and success.

As we explored the taboo in March 2017, web developer Courtney Wilburn took to the stage at the Center / Architecture + Design to discuss how marginalized communities use technology to organize and make their voices heard. All photos taken by Steve Weinik.