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John Pettit

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November 22, 8:30am • FS Investments • part of a series on Lost

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How does resettling in a new place shape our lives? In their November 2018 talk, Fouad and Nora of Swarthmore College’s Friends, Peace, and Sanctuary project, driven by questions about displacement and refuge, history and experience, the project explored art’s capacity to build empathy and create a deeper sense of belonging.

All photos by Steve Weinik.

Ben Franklin once said that “honesty is the best policy,” but according to United by Blue Founder & CEO Brian Linton in his October 2018 talk, honesty is the best policy when we define and agree to shared values.

All photos taken by Steve Weinik.

“Close your eyes and stick your head in an oven on broil. That’s what it’s like to walk into a burning building.” Camden fire captain Bobby Eckert broke down chaos for CreativeMornings/Philadelphia in September 2018.

All photos by Steve Weinik.

“Stepping into utterly foreign contexts makes us better designers,” said Dr. Christopher Harnish in his CreativeMornings Philadelphia talk on intention. All photos taken by Steve Weinik.

“Your internal commitment, the commitment you make to yourself, will shape who you are,” explained Neal Santos in this May 2018 talk at FS Investments at the Navy Yard.

Despite an increasingly digital and remote work environment, our physical presence in the workplace impacts how we feel and create, says Colleen T. Reese in this body positivity talk from March 2018.

All photos by Khrys Oros.

“To be curious, you need freedom and you need time.” In February 2018, Hidden City Philadelphia’s Pete Woodall explained how curiosity fueled his urban exploration and more. Sponsored by FS Investments and the Navy Yard.

All photos taken by FS Investments Video Producer Endrit Faslliaj.