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This Sunday Cure: Action with new eyes

Your Weekly dose of CreativeMornings Worldwide, curated for Perth

Why you should watch?

To learn how to travel by foot and see WA with new eyes. Change your sense of time.

Why you shouldn’t watch?

You don’t like blisters.

Implications for Perth

Maybe to see the city you need to get out of the city. … c/o http://creativemornings.com/talks/louis-philippe-loncke/1

This Sunday Cure: A suitcase and $200

Your Weekly dose of CreativeMornings Worldwide, curated for Perth

Why you should watch?

One way to live a creative life in Perth and how to do it with just $200 and a suitcase. It’s possible to live a creative life and nerd it up. This is the latest video from Perth CreativeMornings and the first to appear on “This Sunday Cure”

Why you shouldn’t watch?

You’ve just spent $20,000 on time in a recording studio cutting a demo for a record agency (does anyone really do that now???).

Implications for Perth

This is where you live. There are ways to live a creative life here and connect with the world for inspiration and collaboration. To the video … c/o http://creativemornings.com/talks/claire-pannell

This Sunday Cure: 1% of where you live is pretty small, 1% of the world is huge.

Your Weekly dose of CreativeMornings Worldwide, curated for Perth

Why you should watch?

You like design. You want to keep your approach, it may have a small market here but you want to take it to the world without changing much. The world is big.

Why you shouldn’t watch?

If you like to perpetuate cliches about Perth and WA.

Implications for Perth

If not many people get your stuff here, you can take it to the world from here… c/o http://creativemornings.com/talks/kelvin-soh/1

This Sunday Cure: The Gold Happens in the Hallways

Your Weekly dose of CreativeMornings Worldwide, curated for Perth

Why you should watch?

The magic of connnection coupled with quality at speed.

Why you shouldn’t watch?

If you’re a perfectionist in denial.

Implications for Perth

It’s all about people, people … c/o http://creativemornings.com/talks/lulu-miller/1

This Sunday Cure: Louisville, Sticking it to the Man

Your Weekly dose of CreativeMornings Worldwide, curated for Perth

Why you should watch?

To learn how to ask for forgiveness rather than permission. Do it well and you won’t need to ask for forgiveness! Also: marketing as disruptive art.

Why you shouldn’t watch?

You worked on or commissioned the “Experience Extraordinary WA” campaign and will now realise maybe it should have been “Perth Phat”

Implications for Perth

The best people in Perth will move to Kentucky. To the video …

c/o http://creativemornings.com/talks/kentucky-for-kentucky/1

Artwork from Bassendean primary year 1 students, taking Jo Pollitt’s provocation to students in the form a twisted dot-to-dot.

In this example, a blank sheet was placed over the favourite pages of Big Kids Magazine by students. They then loosely traced the image using unnumbered dots before passing the sheet to someone else. Students ended up with dots they could connect in any way. It unleashed these responses. Only one response appears like an image in Big Kids Magazine (the bear shark) and even it is altered (the eye).

Students said they loved it, another example of the flow-on impacts of CreativeMornings through Perth. Students were given a copy of Big Kids Magazine to take home. They also took home permission to explore and create. 

Morning People: Meet Claire and Amanda

In our first ever profile we felt we couldn’t just ask one person. After-all, CreativeMornings is about connecting people within Perth. We begin with two people who met at our first CreativeMornings, Claire Jarvis and Amanda Nienaber. I know, too cool. We also threw in an ask / offer experiment. If Claire leaves the next event with a litter of puppies we will know we’ve succeeded. Read on. Be amazed. 

I am

AN: An independent graphic designer.

CJ: A front-end web developer at Monk Media.

We share

AN: A studio and anxiety about being late. Claire works for Monk Media and I have desk space (for my own business) in the Monk studio. 

CJ: A studio, and a love for The Strokes.

We met

AN: through chatting on Twitter, then in person at Creative Mornings. I happened to be looking for a desk space at the time and found out Monk had a desk available. The rest is history!

CJ: We stumbled across each other on Twitter, and then met at the first CreativeMornings Perth. We now spend most of our days together in the Monk studio talking about what we’re going to eat for lunch.

I get up in the morning because

AN: I’m hungry. After that, because I have an infinite list of things to do, most of them fun. 

CJ: there is coffee to be had!

My favourite thing about Perth is

AN: all the lovely people, and/or Little Creatures.

CJ: Fremantle.

I would love to go to CreativeMornings at this city

AN: ditto Claire, NY definitely.

CJ: Brooklyn, NY. I missed out when I was there because I was too jet lagged to wake in time!

And the presenter would be 

AN: Jessica Hische. Such a cliche answer but she’s a great speaker (as well as an insane talent) and she seems like such an awesome human. 

CJ: Josh Long. Such an inspiring (& seemingly tireless!) creative.

I’m asking for

AN: cake and nice people.

CJ: a puppy?

I’m found at

AN: IRL - the studio or one of many places to eat in Mt Lawley. Twitter - @amandanienaber 

CJ: IRL - Monk, or getting coffee in Freo.  ​Twitter - @clairejarvis

You’ll also find Amanda, Claire at CreativeMornings Perth, no doubt following the wise advice of Jessica Hische.

An Interview with Andrea Vinkovic (as an animated gif)

I know a lot about

         Clay. Kids. Passive solar houses.

I need help with

         Keeping up with technology. New things develop so fast...

Best advice I've received

         People forget what you say, but they don’t forget how you make them feel.

Who do you most admire and why?

         That is the hard one. Terry Pratchett is a hero.

What's your secret superpower?

         It’s a secret....

What's your backup career?

         I don’t have a career. I just do things.

What do you remember without effort?

         Sound of waves.

If you had 5 minutes to teach someone something new, what would you teach?

          How to make origami crane

Favourite animated gif

         Do people have favourite gifs? Really? I might need help with that too.

Here's the help, Andrea in the studio as an animated gif:

Are you interested in developing your videography portfolio and/or giving back to the creative community? CreativeMornings Perth is a free monthly breakfast lecture series for the creative community. It is the latest chapter in a worldwide network of over 80 cities. We are seeking expressions of interest to produce the monthly videos showcasing the Perth Creative Community. You will produce, shoot and edit footage. 

The footage will consist of shots of audience and the speaker. Sounds simple? Not quite: the conditions are not optimal for filming so you’ll have an obsessive interest in equipment to produce the clearest images, the clearest sound. You’ll need to set up shots and work in environments with tricky light sources. You’ll have the ability to plan shoots, think on your feet and enlist the broader volunteer team for additional footage. Events take place once a month at Bankwest place, typically on Friday mornings before work (8 - 9:30). After the event you’ll edit footage, similar to this: 


and be credited worldwide for your videography. This is your opportunity to turn a hobby into an industry-recognised portfolio. Being part of the global CreativeMornings team provides you with immediate credibility, leadership within the Perth creative community and access to a worldwide network of creatives. 

The next event is taking place on August 1. To find out more, drop me a line or call me now