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We’re super impressed with the photos from the very first CreativeMornings/Oslo event, which looks as equally fun as it was delicious! Oslo kicked off their first event during our June month around the theme ‘Food,’ featuring world-renown barista Tim Wndelboe. Photos by Thomas Larsen Røed. Check out the rest in their Flickr Album. The Oslo chapter of CreativeMornings is organized by Christiana Chae. Follow along with them at @Oslo_CM!

For June’s month about food, Ryan Hidinger spoke at our Atlanta event on life and food. He and his wife started an Atlanta-based supper club, serving ten guests at a time to talk about food and life. Everything was going great until Ryan found out that he was diagnosed with stage four cancer.

A powerful talk about following your dreams while battling cancer. Be sure to have some tissues ready.

Hat tip to Luxeve Media for videography at the event.