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Transit with Harsha Vardhan

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October 30, 8:30am • Zoom • part of a series on Transit

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Support the volunteers who make the magic happen!

Over the past seven years, we’ve collectively produced almost 3,000 events – and we’ve never charged our attendees for a single one (unless you count hugs or high fives as a currency!).

This magic wouldn’t exist without the dedication of our incredible CreativeMornings organizers. Around the world, these organizers volunteer their time and energy to provide a free inspiring talk for their local creative community…and they even bring you breakfast! All of this effort adds up to be quarter of a million cups of coffee per year, 79,800 hours of work, and immeasurable amounts of inspiration.

This year we’re hosting the second CreativeMornings Summit (the first one was pretty special) in Austin, Texas. It’ll bring 350+ organizers from across the globe together to exchange ideas, share best practices, and develop their leadership skills. They’ll return to their cities with more passion and energy to offer to their creative communities. That means you!

But we can’t do this alone. We launched a Kickstarter campaign to help these volunteers get to Austin.

If you believe that great communities make great things happen, this is your chance to impact hundreds of creative leaders around the globe. If you’ve ever felt inspired by a talk, met a new friend or future employer, or indulged in a delicious donut, then this is your chance to say thank you and help make CreativeMornings even better. Today, we’re asking you to help us continue fueling the magical experiment-turned-global-engine-of-generosity known as CreativeMornings.

You can’t put a price on making a connection or walking away with a deeper insight or inspiration, but let’s try! 

Please help us make #CMsummit16 a reality by backing our Kickstarter. Giddyup!




A Day without Laughter is a Day Wasted

When was the last time you’ve seen a really good comedy?

One that inspired you or even made you cry?

Hold on… You can’t remember? 

Don’t you worry! We’ve recently discovered one and want to organise a CM meet up for us to see it together! 

Created by CreativeMornings speakers Eva Liparova and Sam Bailey, ​Black Dog Gold Fish is inspired by Sam’s own personal history of living with clinical depression and is created by their theatre company Parrot in the Tank. Designed as an immersive experience set in an aquarium, it explores the repercussions depression on day to day life, spinning the story of one troubled aquarium employee as he tries to liberate the captive fish back into the sea while he accidentally sinks towards the rock bottom of the aquarium himself.

The show premieres on the 15th March 2016 at the Hen & Chickens Theatre with the support of Arts Council England and is running until 27th March. 

Who’s up for coming to the premiere with the CM team? 

Book your ticket here and don’t miss out on it! Booked? 

“Creativity is intelligence having fun …”

This is a guest post from our partner in crime, Streamtime!

You’ll have heard our name and seen our logo at CreativeMornings over the past year, but our guess is, you may know very little about us. So we thought we’d let you know a bit more, explain why we sponsor CreativeMornings and give you a heads up on an exciting year ahead.

Here at Streamtime we love being immersed in the creative community, both professionally and personally. We work closely with all sorts of creative companies to help them with their project management, with the ultimate aim to harness control of the serious stuff (AKA the boring bits) and free up that all important expressive time. But did you know that us Streamtime Aces are artistic types ourselves??

We have a fantastic mix of people who have come from a variety of creative backgrounds and who understand it from the inside. We’ve been Account Directors, Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Media Buyers and Production Managers. In our spare time we also live creatively too. Our interests include silk tie design, upholstery, peanut butter making, photography, travel writing and music making.

So when Vicky and her lovely team asked us if we wanted to help make CreativeMornings/London happen, it was a simple decision. Not only do we have a chance to hang out with you crazy, cool, creative lot once a month but we also have a chance to bring something to the party too.

2016 is no exception. This year we’ll be launching a shiny new Streamtime. It’s fully web based, super simple and we can’t wait for you to try it out. We‘ll also continue having serious fun with our blog, webinars and podcasts to help keep you informed, entertained and up to date, taking our cue from Mr Einstein himself (that’s who we stole the title of this blog from in case you were wondering).

Streamtime is designed to help manage your busy creative studio - to make sense of the daily chaos that occurs in any creative company.

If you’d like to find our more or arrange a demo for your company, please follow this link: More info please

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