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January Community Minutes


#CMAnxiety at LABS Holborn with Erik Rodin of August, and Our Friend The Poet, Chris Unwin.Remember all asks/offers from our 8000+ London community go on the incredible Creative Mornings app, made with Impossible: available on iPhone & Android

1/ Vivian

Vivian’s started Ideas Jam: think TED talk crossed with public brainstorm. She’s got a rooftop space in Camden for the next free Jam - follow them on Facebook/Instagram to get details on dates!
F/ facebook.com/IdeasJam
I/ @ideasjam.london

2/ Flick

Flick’s running a supercool human-centred design for business innovation workshop, thinking about building products and services based on what people will love. AND she’s giving the CM Community extra special discounted tickets (on top of the early bird price)! It’s on Friday 2 March, let her know you’re interested so that she can send you the promo code.
E/ flick@wearehabit.com
EB/ eventbrite.com/e/human-centred-design-for-business-innovation-tickets-38144662713

3/ Elise

Elise has been running amazing-beautiful life drawing classes at Lunar HQ, join her on 8 February and 8 March, regardless of whether you’ve ever picked up a pencil or not. All abilities, just come and try something new. Get in touch :)
EB/ eventbrite.co.uk/e/lunar-labs-life-drawing-tickets-41643910056
E/ eliseboileau@live.fr

4/ Natalie

Natalie runs an incredible new sportswear company MYSPORTLONDON. She’s also been asked to produce a carefully curated line up for active wear at London Fashion Week. She’s looking for ten companies who design unique lifestyle/active wear. If you know anyone in that industry, who’s doing really cool things, let her know!
E/ natalie@mysportlondon.com
W/ mysportlondon.com
I/ @my.sport.london

5/ Vicke

Vicke runs a supper club series called Fareground LDN, their next one is in March at a really nice new venue, and they’re looking for a DJ! It’s still very small so they can’t afford to pay just yet, but delicious food will be available and aplenty. So if you can offer your services in exchange for middle eastern food, get in touch.
F/ facebook.com/faregroundLDN

6/ Abby

Abby is looking for turbo-charged social media/content people for very rewarding work. Anyone who's done social media/content/video/ux design, get in touch!
E/ abbsnocon@gmail.com

7/ Uslan

Uslan needs a new freelance iOS developer to chat to for a prototype app! He’s also looking for a gallery space, a big one, 10-15,000 sq ft for the summer. Let him know if you’ve got somewhere in mind! Also, the Visual Content Network will be meeting up soon, come along if you’re into creating re show your work, l and get some advice - if you’d like to speak at the event, Uslan can put you in touch with the organiser.
E/ uslan@uslan.co.uk
M/ meetup.com/Visual-Content-Network-London/

8/ Jennifer

Jennifer’s a designer and she’s starting a couple of very exciting projects this year! She’s looking to do an exhibition for some of her illustrations and also a pop up shop where she takes photos of people, doodles on those photos with kind or empowering words and gives it back to that person. She also wants to doodle on peoples faces, with neon paint - so if you’re a make up artist and you know about neon faces - make some magic together. She’s looking for collaborators.
T/ @Hayashi_Design
E/ jenniferahayashi@gmail.com

9/ Rose

Rose is Community Manager over at Sanctus, who want to change perspectives on mental health in the workplace and wider world. They’re hosting a free open space for tea and coffee to talk about mental health - without judgement - at their offices in Shoreditch on 31 January. Roll thru ❤️
EB/ eventbrite.co.uk/e/sanctus-talks-tickets-28334589520
W/ sanctus.io
T/ @sanctusldn

10/ Francis

Francis is our AWESOME photographer. Like seriously, he’s really talented. And he’s started a thing. Once every month you can recommend a friend to get a free portrait session with him, and they can use those photos wherever they like. Just message him on Instagram and why you’re nominating your person - it can be whatever reason except “they’re just really good looking”. Direct message him on Instagram!
I/ @FranxisAugusto
W/ francisaugusto.co.uk

11/ Chris

Chris is our friend the poet, who read his poetry for us on Friday morning. He’s doing a thing called Free Show February, where he’ll perform for free in February - as long as you can get him there! Get in touch on Instagram.
I/ @yourfriendthepoet

(Photos by Francis Augusto francisaugusto.co.uk)

December Community Minutes

December Creative Mornings at LABS with Abby Rose of Vidacycle, Vidacycle Tech, Farmerama & #OurField, and singer-songwriter-guitarist Yoshika Colwell.

Remember our Creative Mornings app, made with Impossible, for all the asks/offers from our London community of 8,000+ members - available on iPhone & Android!

1/ Vivian

Vivian’s initiative Ideas Jam is a new way to collaborate - a cross between a talk and a community brainstorm. She’s looking for a space for the next meet up in early 2018. Vivian’s also a great project manager and looking for a job - get in touch!
E/ vivianduong14@gmail.com
F/ facebook.com/IdeasJam
I/ @ideasjam.london

2/ Rose

Our loveliest Rose is about to start a new role at Sanctus, who are working with companies and individuals to change the perceptions around mental health. She’s looking for anyone interested in talking about mental health in their personal life and at work. Also, Special Guest is an opportunity for you to share your passion project, poems, story anything you like with a room full of interesting strangers for 60 seconds on stage. Check details on Eventbrite below! 
W/ sanctus.io
T/ @Ro_Scanlon
EB/ eventbrite.co.uk/e/special-guest-tickets-41079660370

3/ Martina

Martina’s from Sweat and Sound, they organise secret, immersive fitness events with live music. They’re looking to join an accelerator programme that aligns with their vision. They’ve also just released tickets for a large yoga and meditation event with a live orchestra. Subscribe on their website for more details.
W/ sweatandsound.com
E/ martina@sweatandsound.com

4/ Sam

Sam is creating a data literacy playground. And she needs help making this education resource look like a playground/theme park/wonderland. Check her repo on Github, and get in touch if you can help! She’s also written, illustrated and self-published the book, “Sophie and the Wishing Tree” - get it on Amazon!
G/ github.com/quirksahern 
T/ @2standandstare
A/ amazon.co.uk/Sophie-Wishing-Tree-Samantha-Ahern/dp/1973324571/

5/ Gabriel

Gabriel’s from Climate Edge, they collect data and offer smallholder farmers important information to increase their yield and quality. They’re looking for different crops to test out new tools - is anyone interested in working together? E/ info@climate-edge.co.uk
W/ climate-edge.co.uk

6/ Matthew

Matthew’s from Toronto and  new in London; he’s an architectural and interaction designer, focusing on environment and spatial design. He’s looking for anyone who’s interested in something similar, people to bounce ideas with and create prototypes and experiments. Also, he’s looking for a job.
E/ mathew.krawczyk@gmail.com

7/ Jane

Jane’s a chef and a meditation practitioner, who runs supper clubs and mindful eating workshops. Get an idea of her amazing work at The Ginger Pot. She’s looking for people interested in running a workshop together, and a food supplier.
E/ jane@thegingerpot.com
W/ thegingerpot.com
F/ facebook.com/thegingerpot

8/ Abby

Abby, our incredibly inspirational speaker this month, had a shoutout for #OurField - a co-op grains movement that she is part of. They are about to run their second project and have openings for two paid roles. Check their website for more details. She’s also looking for people to help with the website design for her award-winning monthly podcast Farmerama.
W/ ourfieldproject.org
W/ farmerama.co

9/ Francis

Francis is our super talented photographer. He works on lots of freelance projects and wants to meet you if you’re doing something cool that needs capturing - events, portraits, projects, photo strategy. Let him know.
W/ http://www.francisaugusto.co.uk/
E/ hello@francisaugusto.co.uk

10/ Max

Max has started a research project about sustainability, redesigning the public space and changing perspectives on urban space through print and space design. It would be a visual communication, collaborative projects that consist in designing heterotopia for sustainable futures. He’s looking for collaborators, sponsors, people to work with or any input!
E/ maxence.s.effantin@gmail.com
(Photos by Francis Augusto francisaugusto.co.uk)

November Community Minutes


November Creative Mornings with Iona Inglesby, Founder of Dot One, celebrating our .1% uniqueness!

1/ Alexandra

Alexandra’s part of a cool biotech startup, Lumminary, dedicated to the advancement of Sequencing and Synthesising human DNA, offering personalised care for your health and lifestyle.

F/ facebook.com/Lumminary

2/ Vivian

Vivian’s started Ideas Jam: a new way to collaborate, it’s “part talk series, part meetup and community brainstorm”. Find them on Facebook and stay updated on their next jams. She’s also looking for a product manager job. Get in touch!

E/ vivianduong14@gmail.com
F/ facebook.com/IdeasJam

3/ Sarah-Grace

Sarah-Grace works for CNN and she’s looking for an amazing Design Intern to start in January. Send her an email if you need more details!

E/ sarah-grace.mankarious@cnn.com

4/ Sree

Sree’s looking for designers who are interested in music. Check out her website and get in touch for more details!

E/ menon.slv@gmail.com
W/ slvmenon.com

5/ Dawid

Dawid’s from Curvestone, who build software and systems that automate labour intensive manual tasks. They’re looking for a UX/UI Designer to help with a project.

E/ dawid@curvestone.io

6/ Vicke

Vicke’s one half of Fareground, a London supper club who ran their first series of dinners at The Pigeon Hole cafe in Camberwell. Like them on Facebook, and don’t miss their next edition.

F/ facebook.com/faregroundLDN/

7/ Ariana

Ariana’s on the lookout for secret venues and new/cool spaces for Sweat and Sound, who organise “secret, immersive fitness events for music lovers, creative spirits and curious cats”. Get in touch if you know a place no one knows about…

E/ Ariana@sweatandsound.com
W/ sweatandsound.com

8/ Campbell

Campbell’s looking to setup affordable community housing, and is looking for people who can contribute research and case studied. Get behind this!

E/ c.t.mcneill@live.com

9/ Henrique

Henrique’s a freelance creative director, who’s just a released the short documentary “Shanahi The Poet” on YouTube - click the link below to watch. He’s available to hire for photography and videography. Get connected.

Y/ youtube.com/watch?v=jTJAVPOwfj0
E/ henriquewooding@gmail.com
IG/ @henriquewooding

10/ Alice

Alice is looking for anyone interested in her DJing skills. She’s worked with the cool folks over at We Work, Second Home and Impossible Labs. Check out her mix on Soundcloud and get in touch!

E/ alice.shyy@gmail.com
T/ @djshyyj
S/ soundcloud.com/hollowgold/impossible-people-mix

September Community Minutes

September Creative Mornings with Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia and WikiTribune!

1/ Hannah

Hannah’s just helped launch a new discussion series called Unthink Tank with Yolt, a money platform built to give everyone the power to be smart with their money. Their next free event on 20 October is with David Birch on blockchain, bitcoin and the future of currency. Check out the Eventbrite page for more details.

W/ https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/unthink-tank-david-birch-on-blockchain-bitcoin-the-future-of-money-tickets-38283279319

2/ Uslan

Uslan’s art is being exhibited as part of a group show in Shoreditch’s Black + White Building on Rivington Street, alongside work by other emerging Creative Debuts artists for their October First Thursday. Show up and show some love!

W/ http://www.whitechapelgallery.org/first-thursdays/exhibitions/creative-debuts-artists/

3/ Carl

Carl’s the founder of Wurqs, a platform to build your network and unlock opportunities. He’s started a new digital content series called Diversify Me, to understand the network of privilege and work to extend that to people who don’t normally have the same access to resources. So if you have needs or you have access, get in touch with him and make some magic.

W/ wurqs.com  https://medium.com/wurqs/introducing-diversify-me-2fa2f8e0f620

T/ @TheWurqs   @CarlMartin

4/ Stef

If you know an accountant, and also someone who can give legal advice for copyright laws in theatre - please get in touch!

E/ hello@stefano.studio

5/ Mattieu

Mattieu’s a software engineer but 6 months ago he taught himself type design, in an effort to better understand how to lay out information. Now he’s released a new typeface for the world to use! Marvin Visions is free for personal use and from £10 for a pro licence. Go try it out!

W/ https://www.readvisions.com/marvin

6/ Andrea

Andrea’s the UX Manager of the University of Arts, London, and he came to tell us that Not Just A Shop has now opened in their High Holborn site. It’s a pioneering retail space selling design products and artwork by UAL students and alumni, while also offering space for students to get support with starting and developing their businesses.

W/ http://www.arts.ac.uk/about-ual/not-just-a-shop/

7/ Zainab

Coffee and Henna is Zainab’s incredible small project, that’s having a big impact. It’s all about grabbing coffee, getting henna done and sharing stories. Check out her beautiful work on Instagram, follow, spread the word and get in touch if you’d like to be involved!

I/ @coffeeandhenna

8/ Vicky

Vicky, our CM London host, did a call out for anyone who wants to host us for a Creative Mornings social - in the evening! Let us know if you have a venue and you’d like to party with us!

W/ https://creativemornings.com/contact?chapter=169

T/ @London_CM

I/ @London_CM

9/ Elise

Elise is looking for a job in the arts - something in admin, project coordination, event-management would be ideal for now! She says she is multi-lingual and super-adaptable. We say she’s multi-talented and super creative. Get in touch!

E/ eliseboileau@live.fr

(Photos by Stefan Jakubowski stefanoboski.com; Bianca Dagheti Flickr; Neel Mistry neelcreates.photography)

August Community Minutes

1/ Jody

Jody’s from The Backscratchers, who connect companies with recommended freelancers and teams. They’re looking for a Junior Fixer - check out the job description below if you’d like to join their wonderful team!

Jody’s also in an all girl Bruce Springsteen cover band call The She Street Band, follow them on Twitter to find out when their next gig is!

W/ thebackscratchers.com/jobs

T/ @shestreetband

2/ Silvia

When she’s not designing, Silvia’s working on Chios Voices. Launched in February 2017, Chios Voices is a creative platform for children and teenagers from the refugee populations on Chios, Greece. They are encouraged to write stories and poems, and make music, art and videos, about their lives and experiences - giving them a platform as well as offering an important perspective of the unfolding refugee crisis through their eyes.

Silvia’s looking for artists/illustrators/animators to bring their stories to life! Get behind this great initiative.

W/ medium.com/chios-voices

T/ @silvia_alba

3/ Francis

Francis is a wonderful human, who also happens to be the newest member of the CM London family. He’s a photographer and has started a project that begins with a conversation over a coffee. If you’re an artist or creative, he’d love to meet you and have a chat about your their work, the world, what you like to do, what you like to eat and anything that falls in between. Get in touch!

E/ hello@francisaugusto.co.uk

W/ francisaugusto.co.uk

4/ Andrea

Andrea’s the UX Manager of the University of Arts, London. There’s a big digital transformation happening, where they’re going to be revamping most of the University’s platforms - so they’re looking to hire! Specifically developers, UX designers and content editors, and most urgently, a UX Executive. Closing dates are soon so get applying.

E/ ux@arts.ac.uk

W/ blogs.arts.ac.uk/oesp

5/ Sam

Sam’s been working on an installation as part of Brixton Design Trail for London Design Festival (16-14 September). All of the events will be celebrating difference and promote acceptance, with this year’s theme being Love is Power. UNTRANSLATION will be an installation in Brixton Village & Market Row looking at the untranslatable words found in the many languages spoken by the local community. Follow the link below and check out the other free events.

W/ brixtondesigntrail.com/events/untranslation

I/ @channel.twelve

6/ Gabriel

Gabriel is the Design Lead for Climate Edge, a young startup that collects data and offers smallholder farmers in tropical agriculture important information to increase their yield and quality. They’re currently working with coffee farmers and are looking for tester and people to run trials with. If you work in (tropical) agriculture, they’d love to work with you to collect data and develop their product for farmers.

E/ info@climate-edge.co.uk

W/ climate-edge.co.uk

7/ Lucie

Lucie started a project called Creativity Saves Me - a platform to showcase work done by anyone who’s used creativity to help them through their mental health issues. She wants to share stories, interviews and videos, and build awareness of creativity as an important therapy or outlet. Get in touch or submit some work!


8/ Vicky

Vicky’s our awesome London host looking for new videographers to record our Creative Mornings for us!

Also, Vicky and Francis have been working on the Impossible People project with Lily Cole, get in touch if you know anyone who works within their community and is on an impossible mission!

E/ victoria.stoyanova@gmail.com

9/ Stef

Stef’s CM family and an improv-extraordinaire. He’s got an idea. It involves gaming, mental health and chatbots. If you know anything about any of those, get together and make some magic.

E/ stefanobelluccisessa@gmail.com  

10/  Abby

Abby’s working on the Food Tech Summit at the Techfestival in Copenhagen. A few spaces have opened up, and Abby is looking for practitioners to join in. So if you’re a food tech entrepreneur, chef, designer, food policy or climate change facilitator - and free on 6 September - get in touch! Tech festival in copenhagen

E/ abby.nocon@gmail.com

W/ techfestival.co

11/ Carl

Cast your mind back to last month. Carl shared a poem he wrote about how we can build more professional relationships based on empathy and kindness. There’s now a video performance of the poem and Carl’s looking for someone who’s hard to please to give him some feedback. Let him know!

W/ wurqs.com

T/ @TheWurqs   @CarlMartin

12/ Anastasia

Anastasia’s got a passion for business strategy delicately balancing the periphery of creative madness. Get in touch if you wanna hire her as your creative strategist!

E/ anastasia@isoperating.com

W/ anastasiaisoperational.com

(Photos by Francis Augusto francisaugusto.co.uk)

July Community Minutes


1/ Carl

Carl blew us all away with his poem on the importance of professional relationships built on empathy and kindness - feelings that motivated him to start Wurqs - a platform to connect with your contacts and developing these meaningful connections.

W/ wurqs.com

T/ @TheWurqs   @CarlMartin

2/ Lauren

Lauren’s part of the digital agency 360i, they’ve worked with the likes of Ikea and Burger King, and they’re the winners of the best SEO campaign in Europe (no big deal!). They’re currently hiring - check out the careers page on their website below!

Lauren also runs Power Suit Social, social group that aims to keep creativity viable in these uncertain times. Look out for upcoming events and meet ups.

W/ 360i.co.uk   powersuitsocial.com

T/ @powersuitsocial I/ @powersuitsocial

3/ Nadine

Nadine’s a graphic designer and is looking to get into UX design. The best way to learn is by doing, so Nadine’s looking for a junior UX design role. If anyone’s hiring or knows someone who’s hiring or wants to give advice - get in touch!

E/ nadinegrantdesigns@live.co.uk

W/ nadinegrantdesigns.com

T/ @afrocreative I/ @afrocreative

4/ Vicke

Vicke’s a graphic designer and recently got engaged (congrats guys!), which led her to start something new: Weddings By Vicke! She wants to get in touch with new couples, to help get them in touch with their dream suppliers for their dream wedding. Her USP? 0.5 years experience and either incredibly cheap or free! Check out her page and pass on her details.

E/ weddingsbyvicke@gmail.com

F/ facebook.com/weddingsbyvicke

5/ Elise

Elise is an art teacher, a festival programmer, a researcher, a curator and is even part of a choir. A few of her contracts are ending in September, get in touch with her about any opportunities!

E/ eliseboileau@live.fr

6/ Krysten

Krysten’s a UX & Service Designer, she’s looking for freelance work - reach out!

E/ kiaora@krystenvonk.com

W/ krystenvonk.com

7/ Lewis

Lewis is a designer, and he recently turned a shabby warehouse on Hackney Road into a lovely creative space to work. Go and visit Lunar HQ, get in touch if you want more info or pop into one of the evening classes (Elise teaches life drawing there!)

E/ team@lunar-hq.com

W/ lunar-hq.com

I/ @lunar_hq

8/ Francis

Francis was one of our wonderful photographers today and he told us about a project that he started last year, called Artistry. He’s looking for artists and other creatives to have conversations about their work, their interests and the wider world. Also get in touch if you’re looking for a photographer (he’s recently done some work with the amazing @earthwomanlove)!

E/ hello@francisaugusto.co.uk

I/ @takenbyfrancis

9/ Paulo

Paulo just quit his job in a brand strategy agency, as it felt like it was losing meaning. He wants to go back to what makes him tick: the way design can impact culture and have a social message. He’s continuing his project “The Typo News” and is currently looking for freelance work!

E/ paulo_r_l@yahoo.com

W/ cargocollective.com/paulolopes thetyponews.tumblr.com

10/ Sara

Sara’s part of the Ramblers walking group for people in their 20s and 30s. Anyone who’s interested in long walks should join!

E/ sara.bender@gmail.com

W/ metropolitan-walkers.org.uk

11/ Gareth

Gareth runs the Cardiff chapter of Creative Mornings! After a few years of growing frustration with the industry, he’s started an independent branding and graphic design agency, using the founders’ expertise in illustration and typography. They’re looking for projects to start and people to collaborate with!

E/ hello@johnandjane.agency

W/ johnandjane.agency

12/ Priya

Priya’s part of the very lovable CM London team, she had one ask and one piece of great news. The ask: anyone know of any organisations that fund radical/grassroots creative project? The great news: she’s looking for a job that intersects with her interests in art, technology and social change! Let her know! She will offer baked goods in exchange.

E/ priyaljjoshi@gmail.com

W/ patchwork-archivists.org

13/ Melina

Melina’s looking to network and meet people passionate about health, specifically mental health, and how new technology can be used as therapy, for example VR environments or bot chats. She’s looking for a UX creative - get behind this!

E/ melina.gardeazabal@gmail.com

(Photos by Francis Augusto francisaugusto.co.uk)

June Community Minutes

1/ John & Chris

John and Chris are from The Inventors Club - they’re a creative agency who design and make things that should be out there. They’re currently developing technology around AI and are looking for humans to help test it! There are paid user testing groups, but with limited numbers - get in touch to be involved.

W/ theinventorsclub.co.uk

E/ hello@theninventorsclub.co.uk

2/ Carl

Carl is the founder of Wurqs, a platform to keep track of the people you meet and help build those relationships in a way that encourages on mutual growth and opportunity. They’re looking for an iOS developer!  Details below including Carl’s job advert video - apply or retweet and spread the word!

W/ wurqs.com/team

T/ @TheWurqs @CarlMartin

3/ Elise

Elise is helping organise a music festival called Voice Now at Roundhouse 8-9 July. There’s going to be over 1000 singers, including Willy Mason, and Natalie Williams from Ronnie Scotts. Get tickets via the link below, or if you’d like to volunteer, get in touch with Elise (volunteers get free tickets!).

W/ voicesnow.org.uk

E/ elise@voicesnow.org.uk

4/ Lucie

Lucie’s started an initiative called Creativity Saves Me, looking at how creative projects can help us through emotional rollercoasters going on in our lives. She’s looking for people who have done something creative to get through or live with these challenges, and wants to share their stories! Get in touch or spread the word!

W/ creativitysavesme.com

I/ @creativitysavesme

E/ creativitysavesme@gmail.com

5/ Abby

Abby’s looking for some really good writing groups. She writes short fiction and essays herself, and is looking for a group of people who write similar things - ideally something small, independent and exciting. Get in touch if you know of one, or even if you don’t know of one - start a group together!

E/ abby.nocon@gmail.com

6/ Vivian

Vivian’s planning a new collaborative event called Idea Jam for the creative community in London - and she’s doing it alongside two great brands, The Heights London and Wellfed Creative. It’s going to be in August, and Vivian’s looking for a venue. Let her know if you can help!

E/ vivianduong14@gmail.com

F/ facebook.com/IdeaJamLondon

7/ Shaneika

Shaneika’s the cofounder of The Asare Simms film studio and most recently a great iniative called Leading Lines - a space for creative storytellers to get advice, inspiration and a platform. They’re looking for someone to write content - get involved!

E/ shaneika@asaresimms.com

W/ leadinglines.online

T/ @leadinglinesmag

8/ Alakina

Alakina’s a fine artist by trade - she’s been doing murals, including one for Pizza Pilgrims’ new shop. She’s looking to get involved in any small projects. Check out her fantastic work and get in touch.

E/ alakinamann@gmail.com

W/ alakinamann.com

B/ behance.net/Alakinamann

9/ Courtney

Courtney’s part of Columbia University Club of London, and they ran an event earlier this week called “Disruptive technologies: are platforms eating the world?” - hopefully some of our breakfast community managed to make it, otherwise, look out for more events coming up.

W/ london.alumni.columbia.edu

10/ Jess

Jess is from our beautiful friends D&AD, she runs The Academy where 50 bright young creative talented people in the design and art direction industry are nurtured and guided towards their dream career. They’re running a project with Creative Review and are creating a supplement looking at future careers. Jess is looking for anyone interested in talking about the new/invented sector they inhabit, who’s up for disucssing their experiences and working with the graduates in The Academy. Get in touch!

E/ jessica@dandad.org

W/ dandad.org/en/d-ad-new-blood-academy

11/ Bruna

Bruna’s a life coach, practitioner and public speaker focusing on how you can move towards what you really want in life, including personal and career-related choice. Check out her website for information on her events.

W/ brunadepalo.com

12/ Malwina

Malwina’s just finished with her career in corporate education and has a side venture (Minds Over Matter), emphasising the importance of yoga/mindfulness in the workspace. She’s currently thinking about how to address the skills gap between schools and job offers - she’s looking to talk to anyone who works in education!

E/ malwina.koska@gmail.com info@mindsovermatter.co.uk

W/ mindsovermatter.co.uk

13/ Gary

Gary’s a copywriter - everybody needs a copywriter - get in touch with Gary to write copy!

E/ gary@garydoescopy.com

W/ garydoescopy.com

T/ @garydoescopy

(Photos by Paul Fletcher through.photo)

May Community Minutes

The Community Minutes from our last event are up!!

1/ Elise

Elise is part of By Other Means Gallery and a CM regular! She told us about #killingit, BOM’s open call for art, whatever your practice may be: writing, painting, music making or performing, they just want to see you #killingit. So if anyone knows any cool emerging artists who have time to invest in the summer to be part of a new art gallery, send them her way!

Also if anyone wants to be part of a really cool choir in North London (even if you don’t know to sing), get in touch with Elise directly :)

W/ byothermeans.co.uk/killingit

I/ @byothermeans T/ @bomlondon

E/ elise@voicesnow.org.uk

2/ Peter

Peter’s the brains behind Wok N Wine and London Serendipity Week. The London relaunch of Wok N Wine went brilliantly and Peter’s now looking for some help with PR. Get in touch and be part of something great!

W/ woknwine.com W/ dotworks.co/serendipityweek

E/ peter@dotworks.co

3/ Michael

Michael knows a thing or two about being in the right place, at the right time. He’s a wedding photographer and captures these precious moments in a stunning way - get in touch for more info and availability!

W/ michaelmaurerweddings.com

E/ michael@michaelmaurerphotography.com

4/ Matt

Matt moved to London five years ago, he lived in hostels, boats - wherever he could. Then one day his mentor let him have the keys to his house in Putney while he was abroad, and that was the start of Launch Pad. Matt quit his job and started an creative residency that pops up in people’s home while they’re away! If anyone’s got a house they want to offer to an artist or if you’re an artist looking for a creative home/studio, get in touch!

W/ popuplaunchpad.com

T/ @popuplaunchpad I/ @popuplaunchpad

5/ Clare

Clare and her co-founder are both from corporate backgrounds, and both discovered the importance of yoga and mindfulness to maintain focus, wellbeing and productivity. Minds Over Matter offers yoga and mindfulness classes in your workplace, for all levels and for all kinds of corporate environments.

W/ mindsovermatter.co.uk

E/ info@mindsovermatter.co.uk

6/ Daniel

Daniel came all the way from Creative Mornings Bogotá and is here in London for a month! He’s graphic designer and branding wizard, and he’s looking for projects to get involved with, reach out!

W/ behance.net/danielramos133

E/ danielramos133@gmail.com

7/ Jessica & Alice

Jessica and Alice are part of Founders and Coders, currently based in Bethnal Green - they’re a nonprofit organisation that runs a tuition-free coding academy. They’ve done lots of work with charities and NGOs, now they’re looking to get involved with more creative projects. Founders and Coders are here to teach anyone who wants to know how to code and do web design.

W/ foundersandcoders.com W/ pitchday.foundersandcoders.com

E/ jessica@foundersandcoders.com

T/ @founderscoders

8/ Julia

Julia moved here in September, her background is in social psychology and cognitive science but that’s not where her passion lies. She’s currently freelancing in graphic design and user experience/interface design - she’d love to meet people and get into some new projects! Check out her work below and get in touch.

W/ franckhdesign.com

E/ franckhdesign@gmail.com

9/ Jenny

Jenny followed her gut and moved to Japan! A few years later and many great experiences later, she’s back in London. She’s currently Graphic Designer at Yo! Sushi  and is looking for people to hang out with/anyone who’s interested in design - get in touch and make some magic.

W/ jenniferhayashi.com

T/ @hayashi_design I/ @jenniferahayashi

E/ jenniferahayashi@gmail.com

10/ Simone

Simone’s from Italy but lives in London - he and his best friend are the minds behind Al.ta.Cucina, where they share recipes for cooking Italian dishes in those type of short videos you can’t stop watching. They organically grew their community of 1 million but now they’re forming into an actual business, so they’re looking for any designer/developer who has in interest in delicious food!

F/ facebook.com/Altaticucina

W/ altacucina.co

E/ simonemascagni@gmail.com

11/ Gopal

Gopal was a CM first-timer and wowed us with his story. He’s done it all: Central Saint Martins, Saatchi and Saatchi, SFX animation for films like Superman, Krav Maga instructor, personal trainer and more. He’s leaving it all behind in October to surf the world, starting in India. He wants to document his journey and build a community through Instagram. He needs some help with social media strategy/how to win at Instagram. If you know anyone who’s interested or can help - get in touch!

E/ bornsurfdie@gmail.com

I/ @bornsurfdie

12/ Vivian

Vivian wants to start a creative community in London, like CM or SoFar Sounds - somewhere to share ideas with open minded people. She was one of the organisers of Idea Bombing Sydney, a creative exchange for a better, which included a big wall to bomb with ideas. If you want to get together and make this happen, get in touch! Vivian’s also a product manager looking for a job, let her know if you know a guy who knows a guy.

E/ vivianduong14@gmail.com

T/ @Duong_vivian

13/ Bhavini

Bhavini just moved back to London after living in Japan for three years. She’s got a background in biomedical science, but became a teacher and found her passion in connecting with others through confidence building. She’s a writer and a community-oriented creative looking for any projects to get involved in!

E/ bhavinijoshi90@gmail.com

I/ @bhavbhav

14/ Alice

Alice is a fashion and costume designer. She worked with a fashion brand for a year and then broke off to explore her creativity and now wants to meet other interesting people and get involved in campaigns. She’s looking for people to work on projects/collaborations with - get in touch!

E/ aparmantier@yahoo.fr

15/ Stefano

Stef’s part of our wonderful CM London team, and just so happens to be a super talented illustrator. He recently injured his dominant hand, so instead of seeing it as a setback, he used it as a challenge and started doing quirky left-hand drawings, documenting them on Instagram with #WhatIAmWithLeft! He now wants to create and share visual sketchnotes of inspiring stories of people that overcome disabilities to do what they love. If you know stories worth of sharing, contact him on Instagram.

I/ @bs_stefano

16/ Isabel

Isabel used to be an english teacher and careers advisor in inner city schools. She saw a lack of opportunities for students who wanted to get into creative sectors and the system wasn’t fair. She started Pitch It, a social enterprise and a mentoring project for young people from less advantaged backgrounds looking to get into creative industries. She’s looking for help with their website development and is also on the lookout for anyone interested in being a mentor…get behind this great initiative!

W/ pitchit.london

E/ isabel@pitchit.london

T/ @pitchitlondon I/ @pitchitlondon  

17/ Rose

Rose is one of our beautiful social media people. She’s an online community manager and is currently working with General Assembly, among others… But it’s lonely as a freelancer, so she’s looking to connect with other social media people to hang with and learn from - get in touch to chat!

T/ @Ro_Scanlon I/ @roposj

18/ Zara

Zara’s an ex-dancer and a Trinidadian Londonder (!). She quit her job recently, so she’s out there looking for something fresh and new. Zara’s here to help you develop your business ops and strategy! Get in touch with her and do something great together.

E/ zarabartels@gmail.com

T/ @zeebartels  I/ @zeebartels

19/ Soala

Soala’s the amazing Community Manager at Ustwo. She’s also one of the founders of People of Creativity, celebrating and connecting people of colour in the creative industries. They run workshops with young creatives and are looking for people and spaces! Get behind this!

W/ peopleofcreativity.xyz

T/ @POCreativity

E/ soala@peopleofcreativity.xyz

20/ Rees

Rees has spent the last few years working with music artists/bands. Now he’s set up a fashion brand called The Heights London, with the aim to support and celebrate the maker community, wherever it’s found. He’s looking for people and events to collaborate with - get in touch!

W/ theheightslondon.co.uk

E/ reeshitchcock@gmail.com

21/ Victoria

As you all know Victoria is our beautiful CM London host and basically the glue of the community. She’s started her own podcast series called The Work We Do, celebrating people with very undefined job titles who are doing interesting things around the world - it was recently featured in iTunes’ list of “New and Noteworthy” podcasts! She’s looking for someone to help out with sound quality - give her a shout if you can sort this!

W/ itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-work-we-do/id1215097364?mt=2

E/ victoria.stoyanova@gmail.com

April Community Minutes

Here are the Community Minutes from our last event! YAY!

1/ Kayna

In Kayna’s words, she’s looking to ditch her 9 to 5 to make her 5 to 9 her 9 to 5. She’s currently a therapist but wants to become a motion designer. She’s looking to swap skills with someone who knows about whiteboard film - someone who’s good with cinema 4D for support with whiteboard animation, hopefully it will be a pitch project that will make her a full time creative!

E/ mrspaupang@hotmail.com

F/ facebook.com/dana.hunterpau

2/ Steven

Steven’s freelancing for now but is looking for something more permanent in a business development/creative role. If you know anyone looking or of any opportunities - let him know!

L/ uk.linkedin.com/in/stevenfcurrie

E/ stevenfcurrie@gmail.com

3/ Frankie

Frankie’s the creative mastermind behind The Design Kids, a platform developed to celebrate and connect the next generation of creatives with the professional industry and beyond. She worked in the design industry for 12 years and believes that students are unsupported, so The Design Kids was started to help students figure out what they really want to do. Frankie’s been travelling round the world and is looking for students, grads, lecturers and creative directors (esp. if you’re not from this country) to join the community and showcase what the design industry looks like from the inside out.

E/ bonjour@thedesignkids.org

T/ @thedesignkids

I/ @thedesignkids

4/ Sam

A life-changing injury hasn’t stopped Sam’s determination and she’s doing a bunch of charity challenges, such as Senate House Abseil, Swim for Wildlife and MacMillan Peak District Mighty Hike, in the coming months. Any donations or sponsorship would be very helpful. Check out the details in her blog - and Happy Birthday for last week Sam!

W/ 2standandstare.wordpress.com/

5/ Frankie

Frankie’s from TCA, “Amazon’s #1 sportswear brand” - it’s a small team that’s growing very quickly and they’re looking to hire a graphic designer. So if you’re passionate about sports, fitness, design and creativity, get in touch!

E/ frankie@tca.fit

6/ Carl

Carl’s the mind behind Wurqs, an emotional intelligence platform looking to connect people. They’re hoping to dedicate 5% of profits to charities and diversity-driven initiatives. He’s on the lookout for places to invest in - so let him know of any opportunities.

W/ wurqs.com

T/ @carlmartin

E/ carl@wurqs.com

7/ Sam

Sam’s 12-month creative project 12by16 is gaining traction - get in touch if you’re interested. But this time, he told us about his full time job as a music manager for a big range of bands at Everybody’s. He wants to know more about VR and 360 landscapes a bit more - get in touch if you’ve got ideas!

W/ 12by16.tumblr.com

E/ sam@everybody-s.com

T/ @s_furness_

8/ Anon

This wonderful lady told us about a speaker series she’s started and she’s looking for people of all ages, men women, all colours, all backgrounds, to speak to big agencies and share what they’re doing.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get her name or contact at the end - if this is you, let us know and we’ll add all your details asap!

9/ Lewis

Lewis runs Lunar HQ, a really cool new co-working space on Hackney Road. They want to run creative workshops, so if you’ve got any skills that you want to share with the world - chat to Lewis!

E/ team@lunar-hq.com

I/ @lunar_hq

10/ Margot

Margot runs Creative Mornings in Minsk (woop!). She’s going to be talking at a conference in Belarus about technologies in creative industries, like VR and new media for artists etc. Get in touch if you have thoughts, ideas and things to talk about!

Margot - we didn’t get your details at the end! Send us your email address and we’ll add it asap.

11/ Abby

Abby quit her job last week and now she’s a freelance copywriter. She’s worked for big brands and startups, so if you’re working on a cool project and need content - let her know. She’s also setting up an agency called Needs More Salt - matchmaking people in the music industry with creatives.

E: abigail.worth@gmail.com

T: @abbingtonbear

I: @abbingtonbear

12/ Toni

Toni studied Fine Art at university, she happened to get into graphic design and she loved it. Toni’s looking for any creative opportunities out there, ideally she wants to work in a design studio but any freelance work is great too  - she likes mixed media and her style is quite experimental, check out her work below.

E/ thollisdesign@gmail.com

W/ t-hollis.com

I/ @tonihollis

13/ Kirsten

Kirsten’s an actress and she’s also part of a collective of eight theatre creatives called Think Tank Arts. They have a new venue in Streatham Hill (South London), they want to invigorate their community and are looking for people to bring in and encourage a creative spirit in that space. They’re also looking for board members from a range of backgrounds.

E/ k_m.foster@yahoo.co.uk

W/ thinktankstreatham.co.uk

T/ @thinktankarts

T/ @k1rstenf0ster

14/ Alex

Alex pointed us to three more wonderful communities including Coding and Cocktails, a new and accessible event open to women who want to see if coding is for them.

T/ @codingandcocktails

- Thursday was especially busy and we didn’t get Alex’s details either, or the details of the other two communities he shouted out. Alex - get in touch with us!

15/ Rose

Rose is our social media maestro, and also works for General Assembly - they’re launching a monthly series called “I Fucked Up”, they want to hear from any creatives about how you fucked up and what you did about it. Look out for info via Twitter.

T/ @GA_London

16/ Bianca

Bianca’s the reason we get delicious OZone coffee every month at CM London. They’ve got lots of cool things going on, including workshops and supper clubs. Keep up-to-date with their Facebook page!

F/ facebook.com/ozonecoffeeuk

17/ Edd

Edd’s doing his A Level’s at the moment and came all the way from Exeter to Aldgate. He’s doing English, History and Graphics, and his main passion is in graphics - he’s developed a fashion brand and is looking to expand his network. Get in touch if you’d like to talk!

E/ ed.gibbs@hotmail.co.uk

T/ @edd_gibbs

I/ @eddgibbs

18/ Sree

Sree’s graduating from the Royal College of Art’s Global Innovation Design Programme today and she wanted to invite us all to the RCA final grad show on 24th June. Her own background’s in UX and she’s designed/worked for companies in New York and Japan over the past couple of years.

E/ sreelakshmi.menon@network.rca.ac.uk

T/ @slvmenon

I/ @slvmenon

See you in May, lovely people!