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Let’s set sail on the sea of creativity together! A short video to kick off CreativeMornings first ever global meetup with chapters from over 70 cities.

Directed by Ben Derico
Master of Puppets Edu Vea (aka NosE)
Voice over Dylan Hoffman

Special Thanks to Mike Skelly, Eric Branholm, Molly Raskin, Juan Camilo Moore, Kevin Oh, Kristin Field, Matthew Hoffman and CreativeMornings HQ

Learn more about CM at creativemornings.com

CreativeMornings is a breakfast lecture series for the creative community.

Started six years ago in NYC by Tina Roth Eisenberg, almost one hundred volunteer hosts and their team members organize local chapters elsewhere in the world.

During the first CreativeMornings Summit in 2014, hosts from around the world gathered in Brooklyn. What drives someone to be a volunteer host and what is their biggest challenge and reward. We’d try to find out interviewing 10 of them.

Made by
Bas Berkhout

In collaboration with
CreativeMornings NYC
Tina Roth Eisenberg
Carly Ayres
Sally Rumble

Special Thanks
Vasco Mourao, Jüergen Siebert,
David Conrad, Ross Drakes, 
Kyle Baptista, Justyna Koziol, 
Susana Juarez, Lisa Langmantel, 
Katie Boyts, Ivan Lima, FictiveKin, 
Brent Nettles, Bekka Palmer
Michelle Bablo, Hanne Ghijsen

Aaron uncovers the stories behind the people who work creatively throughout Africa at CreativeMornings Johannesburg, April 2014.

Nandipha Mntambo speaks on the intersection of sexuality and her work at CreativeMornings Johannesburg, April 2014. 

Xoliswa Sithole speaks about how dreaming can set you free at CreativeMornings Johannesburg, May 2014