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The Game - Wandile Msomi

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May 4, 8:30am • Vega • part of a series on Game

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"We systematically overestimate the value of access to information and underestimate the value of access to each other."
–Clay Shirky 
This month, we’re celebrating CreativeMornings global breaking 100 cities. By the numbers, there have now been 1,062 free events thanks to 567 volunteers and over a thousand sponsors around the world. Today, more than 10,000 people register every month to meet face to face at CreativeMornings in their cities.
Here’s to the future! (And world domination.)

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Need to get this book. The @99u “Creatives guide to building a business with impact.” @behance

"Are you ready to “make a dent in the universe”? As a creative, you no longer have to take a backseat. In fact, stepping up and embracing entrepreneurship is the fastest route to impact. But where do you start? And what sets the businesses that succeed apart?

We tapped 21 leading entrepreneurs and experts to share their best practices for launching a purpose-driven business, refining your product, delighting your customers, inspiring your team—and ultimately—making something that matters.”

CreativeMornings Summit Recap:

For those of you following along online, you may have noticed that October has been a very special month for us. Aside from marking our sixth birthday, October brought the first ever CreativeMornin…