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Sara Selber/Surreal/January 25th

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January 25, 8:30am • • part of a series on Surreal

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Be sure you sign up for this month’s #CMH event! We’ve got Quinn Bishop speaking about the local music scene. 

About Quinn:
Quinn Bishop is the owner of the award winning and nationally recognized music store, Cactus Music. He is also a founding member of the Coalition of Independent Music Stores (CIMS).

Cactus Music, the Bayou City’s premier music store is celebrating its 40th year of operation. In addition to being the conduit for great music in Houston, this cherished institution is known for remarkable, free live music performances with local, regional and national talent on their in-store stage The art gallery and vinyl store, The Record Ranch, presents exhibits featuring music-related artwork. In addition to thousands of new and used records,

Quinn Bishop was born in the desert of Arizona and moved to Texas just as Houston was in the grip of Urban Cowboy mania. An avid music collector, he began buying records in his early teens. Obsessive about listening to new music, Bishop is always listening for his next favorite new artist.

We’re excited to announce that John Egan will be playing a music set at the upcoming CreativeMornings Houston event at HMNS! Be sure to snag your ticket tomorrow when registration opens here at 11AM.

About John Egan:
At 12, Egan got his first guitar and taught himself to play. “I ended up tuning it weird before I really knew what I was doing,” he says. He graduated from the University of St. Thomas where he spent a few years studying music, but ultimately he found his way back to the unorthodox style of playing he had when he was younger. “I gravitated toward what my ear heard, and that was more drone-y and weird.”

Egan has made three records that don’t lend themselves to easy categorization. He fits somewhere on an power blues arc that includes Jimi Hendrix and Chris Whitley, artists who put a powder keg under the venerable genre. Egan shares with Whitley a sometimes-studied, sometimes-stormy way with the resonator. He cops to taking in a lot of Prince as a young listener, which explains the funkier moments on his first album, The Gin Diaries. Houston’s rich singer-songwriter history seems to have also found its way into his mix. As he puts it, “it’s kind of a hybridized thing. It was originally songwriter based, but it evolved into something louder.” He’s also well acquainted with old Southern soul — evident in his singing — from his mother’s music collection. He says an early record by soul-singer-turned-disco-smoothie Johnnie Taylor made an early impression.

Egan’s latest project is “Amulet” and will be available July 1, 2014.
Booking inquiries:

Save the Date for CreativeMornings Houston – "Climate"

We’re really excited to have Quinn Bishop, the owner of the award winning and nationally recognized music store, Cactus Music, speak at our February #CMHou event! He’ll be talking about the global theme "Climate…" "The local and global music climate," that is… Registration for CreativeMornings Houston opens Monday, February 23rd at 11AM here. Join us for a fun event on Friday, February 27th at The Houston Museum of Natural Science.

Parking Info:

Carpool with friends. Please park in West Lot 1. The first 75 people who check in the Rice Media Center will receive parking vouchers. *The parking vouchers will be good for West Lot 1, which is a visitor lot.
When you park in the lot, use your credit card. If you are one of the lucky people to receive a parking voucher, please insert the voucher upon exiting the lot (instead of your credit card). If you don’t use a voucher—be sure to use the same credit card upon exiting as when entering. *Using different credit cards results in an overnight parking fee, which is significantly more expensive. 
Handicap parking is available on the side of the Rice Media Center. Rice Media Center is on the corner of University Blvd. and Stockton.
Thanks! See you all in the morning.

Parking Sponsors! We are very excited to have January’s CMH event at the Media Center at Rice University. We are able to provide free parking vouchers to the first 75 people who check in the event morning, thanks to Rice University. However, we would love to be able to provide free parking for everyone. We’re looking for one or two more sponsors who can cover the cost of parking. Know someone interested in making us + the CMH attendees happy? Email us at We encourage everyone to carpool with friends, and will send more parking instructions within the next few days.

FACES Portrait Project! 

Our amazing CreativeMornings Houston photographer, Trish Badger is working on an epic project. Trish will be shooting 5,000 different faces by the end of 2015. In an effort to work towards that goal, she will be taking individual portraits of attendees (on the 30th) for her FACES project after the talk. If you would like to participate, stick around. For more info on her project, head over to FACES Portrait Project.

Registration opens soon!

CreativeMornings Houston – “Ugly” 

Registrationfor CreativeMornings Houston opens Monday, the 26th at 11AM. We’re so excited to have Lou Weaver, a leader in Houston’s LGBT community, speaking on the global theme of “Ugly.” Lou is actively engaged with local law enforcement offices to help change policy and procedures for the employees, communities and inmates. He is currently contracted by Equality Texas as a trans specialist to work on a statewide equality campaign. Join us for a fun event on Friday, January 30th at the Media Center atRice University.

We’re so pumped to have this amazing person speak at the upcoming CreativeMornings Houston event! Lou Weaver will be talking about the theme "ugly" at the Media Center at Rice University on January 30th. 

About Lou:
Lou Weaver is a leader in Houston’s LGBT community. He served as a co-chair for the Creating Change 2014 conference in Houston, and is extremely active with the diversity and political committees of the Houston chapter of the Human Rights Campaign. He has helped educate health care providers abs medical students on culturally competent care for the LGBT communities. Lou is also actively engaged with local law enforcement offices to help change policy and procedures for the employees, communities and inmates. He is currently contracted by Equality Texas as a trans specialist to work on a statewide equality campaign. He will also be focusing on LGBT military, first responders and sports professionals.

Registration opens on January 26th at 11AM, here.