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This month, we’re making, learning, loving, innovating, creating, sharing, and living in the theme of Action, with type-designer Terrance Weinzierl. 

The global illustration (now in 120 cities) below was illustrated by Bogotá-based artist Jose Berrio, but when we talked to Terrance about the theme, he created his own in anticipation, too. Double the graphics! Which one’s your favorite?

Collaborate on Thursday morning is just a couple days away - and while we can’t wait to hear Kelley’s talk, we’re also way excited to visit her space, the almost-too-perfect Hunt and Gather GR, quite possibly our favorite modern-vintage shop in town. Here’s a quick sneak peek in case you haven’t visited yet, courtesy of H&G’s Instagram account:

Have you been to Kelley’s store yet? If not, whoo boy do we have a surprise for you. Since we discovered Hunt and Gather while meandering slowly back to our car after brunch at one of our favorite spots in East Hills, it has been our go-to shop for modern-vintage home decor and furniture. With Kelley’s talk just under two weeks away, we figured it was a good time head on over to her online store and go on an imaginary shopping spree. 

Here’s a handful of pieces we’d drop our hard-earned cash for:

1. Oriental Rug

It’s really got potential to tie a room together.

2. Copper Mugs

The only way to drink a Moscow Mule, with enough for all your guests to have one too!

3. “Hey Girl” painting

We’ve always had a thing for slightly nerdy guys with great cheekbones.

4. Brass Catch-All

Putting a catch-all by the door for keys and other loose pocket things changed our lives. This takes it to the next level.

Got any favorites of your own? Let us know on the Facebook page!

Tickets for Kelley’s talk will be available this Thursday at 9am.

Our speaker this month, George, runs Issue Press. And when we’re writing a fancy description, we say that it’s a ‘publishing house that releases artist-made publications and multiples.’ But in layman’s terms, Issue Press prints books. Really cool books. And they do it in a really interesting way with a machine that’s way obsolete.  

After spending some time with George prepping for next Tuesday and looking through his back catalog, we found a couple favorites that we’ve just got to show you in advance. Here goes:

Dedication Hotline 

Got a request? Call the hotline (312-380-1433) with a song you want to hear and make a dedication to someone special. All the requests get catalogued on dedicationhotline.com for the person and the world. 

Cool project sure, but the best part is that all requests are transcribed first by Google Voice - and when read after the fact, normally far and away from the actual dedication itself. The first year’s of Dedication Hotline’s transcriptions were printed in this book to show a machine’s take on things that are quintessentially human: nostalgia, memory, and loss. 

B. Sanders, ‘89-‘98 // Patrick Lelli

Oh Barry, why’d you retire so early? This book is full of memorable photos of Barry Sanders during his playing days as the best running back in the world, 1989-1998, and is printed in only Honolulu Blue, Black, Silver and White.

Cars with Stuff on Top // Paul Windle

People put weird stuff on the hoods of their cars in Los Angeles. This book takes it to the next level, with fantasy illustrations of the ultimate stuff on cars decor. The author, Paul Windle, also has an Instagram account set up for his IRL “Cars with stuff on top” sightings

Those in the know tell us that South Division is a food lover’s paradise. 

With a tip like that, it took all our willpower to not just drop everything and head down. So we planned, and called our friend, Climate venue-partner, digital outreach coordinator, and all-around boss at the Rapid, Brittany. It’s her Silver Line & Dine blog series that gave us the idea, and this past weekend, she took us on a trip to sample some highlights. TLDR? She wasn’t lying.

Pregame - 8:30am Saturday - Dropping like flies

Were you outside Saturday? It was cold. So cold. The trip almost ended before it began, from our respective beds. 


Then we heard about our photographer. And boyfriend. 


The team was dropping like flies. For the rest of us, we knew that if we were going to get through the day, there was one thing we’d need; coffee, and decided our first stop would be PaLatte Coffee & Art on Fulton. Our team trudged out into the Arctic, and met up at the GRCC/Spectrum stop where we got our tickets, validated them, and used the MyStop mobile app to track right when we’d be on our way.

Stop 1: Coffee Time - 10:45am Saturday - PaLatte


We all knew PaLatte, but when we got off one stop later, at Fulton Street, we realized that none of us had actually been there before. It was cozy, with big oversized leather chairs, art for sale on the wall, and the number one amenity of the day, heat. 


Among other interesting things from PaLatte, Chris likes his cappuccinos very dry (little/no milk), Brittany is the opposite (lots of milk), and Kelly makes an excellent coffee model.


Stop 2: Groceries - 11:35am Saturday - Kim Nhung Super Store

Next, we headed out to the 44th Street stop, to visit the Kim Nhung Super Store and stock up on a couple groceries. If you haven’t been there, Kim Nhung is a sprawling Asian grocery that reminded us of Asian Delight (next to Horrock’s) on steroids. There’s tons of fruit, fish, and an entire aisle of ramen (!) waiting to be feasted upon. 


After our pork bun dinner party success the other month, we grabbed frozen lotus leaf buns for safe keeping, some Pocky for Ari, and one of those purple fruits because it looked cool.


Side-note, did you know Chinese New Year is kicking off this week? This Thursday starts the Year of the Goat, and if you’re anywhere close to Kim Nhung - look out for fireworks. They went off randomly the entire time we shopped. 

Stop 3: Food - 12:15pm Saturday - Pho Soc Trang

Never before have we drank a pot of tea so quickly. Brittany’s original itinerary called for us to head out to Pupuseria El Salvador and try some hand-stuffed corn tortillas for lunch, but after the walk to Kim Nhung in the biting cold, a big bowl of soup was just what the doctor ordered. So we changed plans, ending up at Pho Soc Trang and saving ourselves another trip into the elements.


For those of you unfamiliar with pho, it’s a Vietnamese noodle soup that combines broth, linguine-shaped rice noodles, a few herbs, and some kind of meat, usually beef or chicken. Over there, it’s a popular street food, but here, oh man did it do a good job warming us up. We all went with the beef combo pho, which included all the delicious when eating, nasty when thinking about them bits like tripe and tendon. You’ve got to try it. 


The bowl of pho we got with each order was huge. Like, really huge. Like, I can’t believe they’re serving this for $6 huge. None of us couple fathom what kind of crazy portion the extra large must have been. For our crew, we could barely get halfway through ours as it was, but man was it delicious. 

Heading Home - 1:30pm Saturday - 44th Street


You know that content feeling you get when you’re full, warm, and you’ve had a good day? We’re not really sure if any of us talked the entire ride home - we were feeling those kind of vibes. We nodded to acknowledge each others’ Instagram feeds, eye contact to signal the stop we needed to get off at, but generally, just relaxed. The bus will do that to you. 

If we weren’t together, it would’ve been really easy to get lost in a book, listen to some music, or just watch the world go by, and it’s one of the things that ended up mentioned in all our conversations to wrap up. The freedom taking the bus gives you can be a great way to jump start creativity, which is sometimes the hardest step. 


Our Climate talk happens next Friday at Rapid Central Station. Tickets are available starting next Monday at 9:30am here.

Fares on the Silver Line and the rest of the Rapid’s routes are $1.50 one-way,  or $40 for one month unlimited, with several options in between. Buy them here, on-board, or at any ticket vending machine.

Want to join us the next time we go on an adventure? Let us know! And be sure to follow us on Twitter.

Rachel’s talk is just over a week away, and with a theme like Climate, we didn’t want to take our venue-picking responsibility lightly.  That’s why when we found out that the Rapid Central Station was available, we just had to have it. 

When Central Station first opened in 2004, it was the first LEED-certified transit facility in the country, and since then, the renovated and expanded Rapid Operations Center has received a Gold LEED rating. As venues go, Central Station is a slam dunk. Can’t wait to see all of you next week.