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Traditions are sacred because they cultivate consistency and a sense of belonging. It’s the bread and butter for fostering connection and community. We’re in a time where traditions are being challenged and remixed. We question how they came to be and the context in how (or if) they fit into the future. “This is just the way it is” is a statement of fear, not possibility. It undermines the human capacity to adapt and create change. Traditions are made by us, for us, so therefore they can be reinvented with intention and imagination. You may not start the next national holiday, but you can bring to the table your generosity, your kindness, your vision and heart to create a more welcoming future. 

Join us on December 14 to hear Karina A. Monroy speak on #CMtradition! Registration opens December 10 at 10 AM. ⏰


Our last 2018 global theme TRADITION was chosen Barranquilla chapter and Andrés M. Felfle illustrated the theme. 

Happy November!  We are taking a break this month, but please stay tuned for details on our December event (mark your calendars for December 14th 😉).  We are so excited for you to find out next month’s theme & speaker!

If you can, this month we’d love for you to check out one of our CM neighbors,  @creativemornings_rva and @cm_dc. Show them some love! 💕

🤝October’s theme is HONESTY

Honesty is the currency for connection. It’s a gift we give to each other that strengthens bonds and deepens relationships. Honesty is a practice where we start from the heart. Being honest isn’t always easy and being honest all of the time is impractical. Giving honest feedback or sharing our opinions requires sensitivity to the context and meeting others where they are—with kindness and empathy. Honesty is about providing the information that you would want if you were in a similar situation. Another way to look at honesty: it’s a flower born out of the soil of trust, connection, and conversations. The more we nurture conversations that breed trust and forge a connection, the more honesty becomes baked into the way we lead our lives.

Join us on October 12 to hear Golara Haghtalab speak on #CMhonesty!


This month’s global exploration of Honesty was chosen by our Cardiff chapter, and illustrated by James Lewis. Thank you to Mailchimp, Adobe, and WordPress.com for empowering the global creative community. 

September’s theme is CHAOS

When you think of chaos, you might think of utter confusion, a jumbled mess, destruction, or Slack being down.

But previously the word “chaos” had a different meaning. In ancient Greece, writers and thinkers described chaos as more of an abyss, an empty void that existed before life. It wasn’t until the 1600s, when it was adopted by the English language, that it grew undertones of mass confusion or pain.

Life, by nature, is chaotic. And the human brain is beautifully designed to turn chaos into order. Whether through storytelling, art, or through the veneer of self-delusions, we’re built to handle the randomness and uncertainty of daily life.

When a tornado rips through town, one person may see chaos where another sees a fresh start.

So, then, a creative addendum: We are in control of the story we tell ourselves about the events that unfold before us. We can view chaos as a freight train hitting our soul or we can see it as a catalyst for clarity.

Join us on September 14 to hear Matt Shields speak on #CMchaos!
➜ https://creativemornings.com/talks/matt-sheilds.

This month’s global exploration of Chaos was chosen by our Tijuana chapter, illustrated by Eraboy, and globally presented by MailChimp.

August’s theme is COMMUNITYA community is a reflection of what we crave: belonging. Belonging is the heart of human connection. Our hardwiring is to be social creatures, to need one another. We cannot become our best selves without feeling like we belong to a tribe that sees us, respects us, and lifts us up. A sense of belonging can be fostered in many ways: food, music, volunteering, a cause. You can scan a room and see a diversity of backgrounds, ages, and skill sets—yet the common thread is shared desires and aspirations. It’s magnificently profound how simple this connection is, how deeply we all crave it, and how it changes the trajectory of our lives. The work of community is when a person walks into a room with fear and self-doubt, only to leave with a new narrative and a feeling of possibility and hope. We can give that experience to one another. It’s the work of being human. Join us on August 10 to hear Grace Aheron speak on #CMcommunity!➜  https://creativemornings.com/talks/grace-aheronThis month’s global exploration of Community was chosen by our Philadelphia chapter, and illustrated by James Olstein 👋 High five to MailChimp, Adobe, and WordPress.com for fueling our global creative community.

For this months’ CreativeMornings, something special. A small group of Afghan journalists has recently moved to Charlottesville through the US refugee resettlement program. Over their careers they have worked as journalists, fixers, translators, and photographers for such outlets as the BBC, Reuters, France 24, Public Radio, and beyond. In a panel discussion moderated by local journalist Jordy Yager (of the New Yorker, Columbia Review of Journalism, NPR) and with an introduction from Lulu Miller (Cofounder of NPR’s Invisibilia), these journalists will share some of their best lessons about how to find stories in war zones, how to curate images of violence and suffering, and how to get people to open up when the risk of doing so can be one’s life. Please join us for a special conversation about craft, curation, intention, and how the skills of journalism translate to piecing together a new life in a foreign country.

Join us July 6 ➜ https://bit.ly/2Ks3BpK!

A craft is the instrument in which the authenticity of your being is communicated.

Your craft is like a portal to your inner world, and as an artist, it’s your duty to pull it out of the vortex. Craft is a catalyst for our identity and the soil for cultivating meaning.

It behooves us to realize that who we are and become—our values, beliefs, thoughts, observations—influence what comes out of the violin, sketch, or photograph, not the other way around.

This month’s global exploration of Craft was chosen by our Mumbai chapter chapter, illustrated by Hemali Vadlia, and presented by Adobe.

Join us on June 8 to hear from Kim Dylla: https://creativemornings.com/talks/kim-dylla!

May’s theme is #CMcommitment! It was selected by @Vienna_CM and illustrated by Florine Glück. We’re excited to explore this with Matt Eich!

Matt is a photographic essayist working on long-form projects about the American condition. You can find more information on his work at matteichphoto.com and on Twitter at @MattEichPhoto.

Event details here: ➜ https://creativemornings.com/talks/matt-eich

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April’s theme is #CMgame, and we’re thrilled to announce a local expert, Sean C. Duncan, is joining us on the 13th to drop some knowledge on games, learning, and play! 👾

Dr. Duncan is a scholar and teacher of games, gaming culture, and game design. You can find more information on his work at se4n.org and on Twitter at playcult.

Event details here: ➜ https://creativemornings.com/talks/sean-c-duncan

Huge shout out to Ting, WillowTree Inc., and UVA Arts for supporting us this month! 🙌👏🎉💕

Good news! We’re switching to a larger venue so we can get everyone off the waitlist and open up more tickets!!!! If you didn't get a ticket yesterday, register today! Our new venue is Light House Studio at Vinegar Hill Theatre on 220 West Market Street (across from Mcguffey Art Center). 🎉