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April 6, 8:30am • 10 Park Lanes • part of a series on Game

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Charlotte, we have to say “Thank you” for the incredible reception you gave us at our inaugural meeting on Friday. We’ve been dreaming of what it would be like … and it exceeded any expectation we had. Thank you for the energy and excitement and passion you brought to the party. We can only dream bigger of what we’re going to do together because ‪#‎CharlotteIsCreative‬!

“I Can’t Believe It’s Not BRUTTER” … that’s the name of the talk Jen Band, founder of Playing for Others, will give at our inaugural meeting on 11/6. If THAT doesn’t hook you, nothing will. Starting at 9 a.m. on Nov. 2, you can reserve your seat right HERE:

How do I get an invitation to a Creative Mornings Meeting? It’s a common question … and a great one. The best way is to sign up for our e-newsletter in the top right corner of the homepage, right where Matt is pointing. (If you're viewing this on your mobile device, then Matt's WAY OFF and you'll need to scroll down to the bottom of the feed to find the signup box.) Seating is limited at CM breakfast meetings, but members of the e-Newsletter get a reminder the morning reservations open up. So, give us your e-mail and make with the clicky clicky. We’ll take it from there.

“We’re excited to support CreativeMornings and it’s mission to bring creative minds together to connect and be inspired.” - Garrett Tichy

We wouldn’t be on our way without the help of passionate people all over Charlotte. Their collective spirit attracted CreativeMornings to the Queen City. It’ll take awhile, but we’ll thank them all.

Today, we’d like highlight Garrett Tichy, co-owner of Ready at 7 (, founder of ‪#‎weloveclt‬ and one of the sponsors of our inaugural meeting on Nov. 6. Garrett has been generous with his insight, encouragement and support as we prepare for the first meeting. Thank you, sir!

Photo Credit: LunahZon Photography for South Park Magazine (

It’s kismet! Check out this great interview with Alexis Jo Bruce and husband/business partner Levin Chaskey, founders of Charlotte Star Room & members of the CreativeMornings/Charlotte leadership team! If that’s not cool enough, the article was written by Page Leggett – another member of our team. Totally random, too. The interview went down before our first team meeting. But, it’s just continued proof that ‪#‎CharlotteIsCreative‬!

“Today is yours. Claim it. This life is yours. Live it.” Watch this amazing TEDx talk from Jen Band of Playing for Others and we promise … you’ll be ready for the week ahead and for her to usher in CreativeMornings Charlotte at our inaugural meeting on 11/6.