This month marks the first global theme for CreativeMornings, where all 42 chapters will be talking about “Happiness.”

We want to know, what makes YOU happy? Photo reply to this post with a photo of something around you—could be your studio space, a friend, the weather—anything that is a source of happiness for you!


The speaker at this Friday’s CreativeMornings/Jeju will be the wonderful designers behind S W B K, a design firm in Korea, co-founded by Sukwoo Lee and Bongkyu Song in 2008. Above is just a small selection of their broad range of work.

They take a human-centered, design-based approach in their work, considering a the user-centered experience by analyzing needs, behaviors, and desires. They have won globally well-known awards such as Red dot, IF, IDEA, GOOD Design Japan.

Find out more about the event here.