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November 24, 8:30am • The Sustainable Studio • part of a series on Death

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Chance by Jenny Allan

Jenny's review of Friday's Creative Morning with Alex Jenkins.

What clears the early-morning brain better than the smell of hot, fresh coffee, still-warm pastries and an inspiring talk from one of Wales’ top visual artists of a Friday?

Today we heard from photographer and designer Alex Jenkins, who shared the story of his personal journey to success through what he labels Chance. With iconic images and brands to his name, such as the Prodigy’s infamous Fat of the Land album artwork, Alex is certainly one of Wales’ most successful and determined arts professionals. His talk today highlighted the chances that happen in your career and in your life and how you can take those chances as they come at you, embracing risk, making everything you do an active choice about the way you live, love and work.

Through hilarious anecdotes, tales of success achieved seemingly by chance and introductions to the individuals in his life who have inspired and enabled him, Alex talked us through a career which doesn’t simply showcase his talent and impressive portfolio, but demonstrates how success is achievable for everyone; chance is not luck, it is simply seeing what is around you and allowing it to inspire and motivate you to your own personal triumphs.

So get out there, carpe diem, JFDI!

What makes a Good Host?

The summit got us all thinking about what it means, and what it takes, to be a good host.

It’s not about fashion or the concept of being cool – it’s good old decency, generosity and good manners. It’s demonstrating these traits to people you don’t know yet, smiling at strangers and taking the time to get to know them.

It’s getting over yourself and dancing like a loon in the name of fun. It’s celebrating what’s best about people, not fixating on what’s worst. It’s about thinking hard about what you can do to help others share their talent, insight and creativity and being genuinely in awe of it. It’s having a big smile and a big heart. 

It’s Tina and Sally from Creative Mornings hq meeting every single person as they arrived at the CM summit party to welcome them personally. The people at the summit were all passionate, not necessarily about the same things, for some it was showcasing diversity, for others it was showcasing beautiful work, but still that was a constant. Creative expression is what makes us human and it’s the best of us - Creative Mornings is a celebration of this. image