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CreativeMornings is a free monthly breakfast lecture series bringing the creative community of Brisbane together. This month, we’re going Beyond by wrapping our arms around the Gold Coast community as we host our April event at WAREHOUSE No.5. Our mission for Free Event: Beyond with CreativeMornings is to completely fill our community board. On one board, you record down what skills you ‘can offer’ and on the other, you call out for skills you 'could use.’ If you’re not good at promoting yourself and talking about what you do, let the board speak for you. Thanks to Eightball Media, you’ll find our digital community board here. Each month we will record down what is written on the boards at each event. This will become our go-to resource for collaboration. Click and scroll below. You might just find the yin to your yang.

We are tempted by the possibilities of the beyond. Whether it’s deep space, the range of our talents, or a first date, our minds conjure stories that carry us aloft. This unwavering, deep-seated determination to go far and wide is the fire that which keeps us alive, always marching forward, determined to lift the veils that are hiding unfounded beauty. What a trait to embody. Without the urge to go beyond perceived limitations or boundaries, we would be a dull, stagnating species indeed. The price to go beyond anything is never free; we’re called to face our fears, and the reward of reaching that next level is the privilege to do it again. 

Who’s this hot chick with big brains? Why it’s our March speaker Bri Lee ofcourse. What an absolutely brilliant event. Thank you to everyone who made it possible and attended. Doodle of Bri by Ivy Niu. #cmbne #cmtaboo 

EVENT POSTPONED: Thanks to cyclone Debbie, we will be postponing Taboo with Bri Lee of Hot Chicks with Big Brains 24.5 hours later. The event will now be held on Saturday 1st of April 8.00am - 10.00am. If you can no longer attend the event, please release your ticket to those on the waitlist. Sorry for the inconvenience, blame Deb. Please email us with any questions or storm selfies. #cmbne #cmtaboo 

We’ve partnered for The Design Conference this year and we’ve got our tickets all ready to go, have you? It’s the final 10 days of The Design Conference early bird ticket sales - a 25% discount and you’d be a fool to miss this. #brisbane

The photos from our February event - Moments with Toby Scott - are now up and ready for you to tag, share and cringe at. Find them on the CreativeMornings/Brisbane Facebook. #cmmoments