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Creative Mornings Bengaluru gets showcased in Deccan Herald #creativemornings #cmblr

CM_BLR - SEX - 1 June 2014CM_BLR - SEX - 1 June 2014CM_BLR - SEX - 1 June 2014CM_BLR - SEX - 1 June 2014

CM_BLR- Kanan Gill - SEX-1 June 2014, a set on Flickr.

Sex with Kanan Gill.
#creativemorningsVia Flickr:
Kanan Gill
A stand-up comedian, musician, writer, blogger, fitness freak and a hire for Shahid Kapoor look alike, Kanan Gill is a splendid entertainer from Bangalore with many tricks up his sleeve. His sense of humour truly makes him unique and his charismatic presence on stage makes him complete performer. He exploded onto the stand-up comedy scene by winning the Punch Line Bangalore competition, going straight on to win the open mic at The Comedy Store in Bombay. Consequently, he is stumbling onto big stages all over the place, having completed over hundred shows so far. Photographed by Vandana (Canvas Creations)

Sex guru Kannan is here @cm.blr , Kalarasa, Bengaluru… #creativemornings #canvascreations #creative #canvascreations #sextalk #sex #allaboutsex #sextaboo #art @vishweshsp