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June 14, 8:30am • Humanitec • part of a series on Wonder

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The First CreativeMornings Summit

The CreativeMornings HQ, from left to right: Carly Ayres (Chief Content Officer), Sally Rumble (Chief Happiness Officer), Tina Roth-Eisenberg (Founder), Kevin Huynh (Chief Operating Officer) und Joy Chen (Community Intern)

For the first time, CreativeMornings had invited all of CM’s chapter hosts to join the HQ in downtown Brooklyn for the Summit. From Jeju, South Korea, to Berlin, Germany, organizers and their teams found their way to The Invisible Dog Art Center, Bergen Street, Brooklyn for two days of workshops, talks and discussions on best practices and the future of CreativeMornings.

One of many highlights for the international organizers was the visit of an “Original NYC Creative Morning” last Friday with Steve Powers as speaker. 300 von 450 visitors were amazed, when 150 attendees were suddenly asked for a group photo on stage.

As a typographer your Berlin host Jürgen Siebert couldn’t stand the fact, that this decoration at The Invisible Dog Art Center misses two points.

September’s theme is Color

September’s theme, COLOR was selected by Paris and illustrated by Manhattan based Erin JangOur official worldwide partner this month is Squarespace, local sponsor is Shutterstock (Win a bike!), and our speaker is the great Christian Hanke (EdenSpiekermann).

August’s theme is Failure

This month’s theme might be Failure, but it should be anything but a flop. This month is all about those epic flunks and graceless tumbles. The theme was selected by our colleagues at Creative Morning Singapore and illustrated by Brooklyn based photographer Bill Wadman.

Creative Mornings Berlin will take a break in the coming month. If you’re also on vacation or traveling, maybe you have the opportunity to visit a Creative Morning far from home. Take the chance!

July’s theme is Heritage


We're getting back to our roots this month as we talk about Heritage across 85+ CreativeMornings chapters around the world, brought to you by MailChimp. The theme was chosen by our Cape Town, South Africa team and depicted by Nigerian-born, Brooklyn-based illustrator Olaleken Jeyifous.

From Charles van Sandwyk, author, artist, illustrator, and immigrant (Vancouver), over the bike and LED lovers from Trafo Pop (Berlin), to Josh Higgins, Communications Design Manager at Facebook (San Francisco), speakers this month will look at what heritage means to fostering creativity, building a business, and leaving a legacy. Find out more here.

As always, free tickets are available starting the Monday before the talk.

New: Enter The Stage For 30 s And Push Your Idea

The upcoming Creative Morning Berlin offers all visitors a the new opportunity to enter the stage and pitch 30 seconds for an idea, a job, a vision. Up to three guests may take advantage of this option, right after the lecture by Jürgen Michalski this Friday. To participate in the first 30 s Pitch, just send us an e-mail with the subject of your statement: To give this new idea the right drive, our sponsor Shutterstock contributes one of his red city bicycles. First come first go: The first applicant will get this nice bike.

June’s theme is Minimal.

If simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, then this month’s theme is our most cosmopolitan yet. We’re talking about Minimal across 80+ chapters around the world. The theme was chosen by our Aarhus team and we were thrilled to have Andrew Neyer as the illustrator.

From Scott Wilson, founder and principal designer at MNML (Chicago), over Jürgen Michalski, a Corporate Designer from Realgestalt (Berlin), to Marek Holeček, a top Czech rock climber (Prague), speakers this month will look at what minimal means in creativity and design, as well as how to get a maximum out of it.

»Über Überwachung«

Der Vortrag von Sascha Lobo vom vergangenen Freitag im Wortlaut

Sascha Lobo, Creative Morning Berlin Sascha Lobo beim 31. Creative Morning Berlin (Foto: Jens Tenhaeff)

Am vergangenen Freitag begrüßte Creative Morning Berlin-Gastgeber Jürgen Siebert 120 Besucher zum Thema Freedom im Orangelab. Als Referent widmete sich der Blogger und Spiegel-Online-Kolumnist Sascha Lobo dem Thema Freiheit im Netz. Er sprach über Überwachung, genauer: die Ursprünge der Datenverarbeitung im 2. Weltkrieg, den Wunsch bestimmter Kreise, die Zukunft und die Menschen zu berechnen und warum wir uns gegen die »Überwachung der Welt« auflehnen müssen. Hier der Wortlaut der einstündigen Rede.

»Es geht um Überwachung, und die Geschichte der Überwachung. Ich hab’ mich dazu entschlossen, eine Hinleitung aufzuzeigen, auf den Grund, warum zur Stunde, wie wir inzwischen wissen dank Edward Snowden, warum zur Stunde die gesamte Welt mit Hilfe des Internets überwacht wird.

Das muss man sich vielleicht von Anfang an vergegenwärtigen: Es geht nicht um Internet-Überwachung, sondern es geht um Weltüberwachung, mit dem Internet. Das Netz ist daher als Instrument zu betrachten, um alles drumherum und darin zu überwachen.

Die Frage, warum das eigentlich passiert, wird vergleichsweise selten gestellt. Man liest in den Medien, dass die NSA, und nicht nur die, seit Juni 2013 ›alles überwacht‹. Dann hat man im Juli gelesen, dass die NSA nun ›wirklich alles überwacht‹. Und ab August wurde dann klar, dass sie vielleicht ›noch alleser‹ überwacht.

Nicht nur, dass die Empörung vergleichsweise gering ausgefallen ist … und da ist Deutschland vielleicht etwas weiter vorn als andere Länder … aber auch in Deutschland haben sich aus meiner Perspektive viel zu wenig Leute darum gekümmert, was da passiert.« …

Weiterlesen im Fontblog …

Sascha Lobo talks about digital freedom


We’re proud to announce Germany’s most popular net activist Sascha Lobo as the speaker of this month Creative Morning Berlin. He just received a lot of respect for his “State of the Nation” at re:publica 2014. “Control addiction”, “security esotericism”, “peeking radicals” – just three examples of his powerful vocabulary. He sees the Freedom of the Net under heavy pressure.

For our English-speaking guests: Sascha will talk in German. The video of his talk will get English subtitles. If any volunteer wants to help us to translate Sascha’s words, please mail us

May’s theme is Freedom

Let freedom ring! We are excited to celebrate a month around the theme Freedom, which was selected by our Budapest chapter and illustrated by Phoenix based Kelsey Dake. The theme is presented by Shutterstock who is an Official Partner of CreativeMornings and Breakfast Sponsor of the Berlin chapter. They loved the Creative Mornings idea and help us to keep the event free for all visitors worldwide.

From Moby, musician and photographer (Los Angeles) to Jan Sokol, philosopher, former dissident, politician and translator (Prague), speakers this month will look at what freedom means in your creative practice and what part that plays in the rest of the world.