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June’s theme is Broken!

Gaze and eye contact are simple acts, but when our attention transforms into vigilance, we begin to notice things that weren’t immediately obvious. We might notice an extra space in a paragraph or details within the texture of the page that weren't appreciated. When we turn our eyes to the government, healthcare, traditional education or public transportation, we realize how broken everything is; it makes you wonder how the world stays intact. The difference between those who make change and those who don’t is the difference between pointing at something and saying it’s broken versus pointing at it and saying, “I am going to fix this.” The theme was chosen by our Washington, DC chapter and illustrated by Donald Ely. This month 142 cities are not only showing you what’s broken in the world, but will also share the framework and mindset for noticing these opportunities, weaving together resources and people, and making a meaningful change that lasts. Some speakers include:

  • Akiko Kobayashi, an architect and a Passivhaus designer, uses design thinking to help groups explore their proposal and communicate their vision. (Edinburgh)
  • Conn Bertish, creative director at Cancer Dojo, aims to empower people facing cancer with the tools and techniques to strengthen the human immune system and ultimately enable a more positive outcome. (Cape Town)
  • Monty Montague, co-founder of BOLTGroup and a winner of various prestigious design awards including four Gold IDEA awards, is passionate about product innovation and design. (Charlotte)
  • Madeleine Recknagel, passionate educator and a ‘nearly’ zero waste blogger, will explore the current environmental issues and her personal journey into leading a greener lifestyle in a city like Bangkok. (Bangkok)
  • Sonja Knecht, 6 years Edenspiekermann’s Director Text, is a copywriter and writing coach and will talk about Text Under Pressure. (Berlin)
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To help inspire your creative projects, Shutterstock is offering a 20% discount on standard license images and footage to the entire CreativeMornings community.

May’s theme is Reality!

Last month was all about risk — and the circumstances and perspectives that exist in order for us to take one. This month, we’re delving deeper into those circumstances and defining our realities. Reality, on the surface, feels so tangible; so concrete. But (to, perhaps cheaply, use a turn of phrase), in reality, it isn’t quite so simple. Our existence is made of several truths, always shifting under our feet. The theme was chosen by our Belo Horizonte chapter, illustrated by Craig Ward, and presented in partnership with Shutterstock. This month, 141 cities are tackling the elusiveness of reality (or maybe just giving us a good, old-fashioned reality check) at breakfast events with speakers including:

  • Melizarani T.Selva, a spoken word poet and storyteller curious in cultural taboos and identity (Kuala Lumpur, their first event!)
  • Dr. Susan Cernyak-Spatz, a Holocaust survivor of Birkenau, a woman’s camp in Auschwitz (Charlotte)
  • Angad Bhalla, an interactive storyteller who uses film to call attention to voices we rarely hear (New York City)
  • Shachi Kurl, a public policy analyst working to encourage a better understanding of how trends and issues affect our lives (Vancouver)
Pro tip: We continue adding events on our site throughout the month, so we recommend signing up for our local newsletter and/or following our communication on social media so that you can stay in the know. And be sure follow the global conversation on Twitter and Instagram with #CMreality and @creativemorning.

To help inspire your creative projects, Shutterstock is offering a 20% discount on standard license images and footage to the entire CreativeMornings community.

May event: Visit our community portraits photo booth

Next month, to celebrate the theme of ‘Reality’, CreativeMornings Berlin and Shutterstock (one of our global partners that makes it possible to do the things we do) like to surprise you with the opportunity to have a portrait taken by our master photographer Norman Posselt. Those portrait sessions have a tradition at CreativeMornings worldwide. The full album of all portraits can be viewed on Flickr. The image above shows a small selection.

Did you like your portrait taken? Join us at our next event, May 6th at Forum Factory! Its absolutely free. We’ll be able to shoot up to 30 portraits. If you like it, use it as your CreativeMornings profile photo! Put it on Twitter! Complete your application for a job! Maybe we’ll feature you on Instagram! Just be awesome and credit the photographer every chance you get!

April’s theme is Risk!

As a community of creatives, entrepreneurs, community organizers, and out-of-the-box thinkers, we’re no strangers to taking risks. We’re comfortable with (and simply inspired by) taking chances in the face of uncertainty. But what’s at stake? How do we calculate and calibrate these decisions? The theme was chosen by our Munich chapter, illustrated by the Bavarian Designer Andreas Preis, and presented in partnership with FreshBooks. This month, 139 cities (give our newest chapters a virtual high-five!) are grappling with the complicated and open-ended questions of risk at breakfast events with speakers including:

  • Kevin Cavenaugh, a designer and urban planner seeking to change his city 3,000 square feet at a time (Portland)
  • Claudia Dalchow, an actress, voice artist, author, and coach who speaks four languages fluently & is currently performing in three of them (Cologne)
  • Matthew Abess, a curator at The Wolfsonian–Florida International University, whose mission is to illustrate the persuasive power of art & design (Miami)
  • Michal Eitan, the head of Bezalel Academy of Art and Design’s Master Program in Industrial Design (Jerusalem, their very first event!)
  • Susanne Koelbl, award winning journalist and foreign correspondent for Germany’s leading news magazine Der Spiegel (Berlin)
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CreativeMornings Summit 2016!

That began as a morning speaker series has grown into a global community of creative minds. So much of what we get every single month is due to the dedication of our incredible CreativeMornings organizers. Around the world, these organizers volunteer their time and energy to provide a FREE inspiring talk for their local creative community… and they bring breakfast! All of this effort adds up to be quarter of a million cups of coffee per year, 79,800 hours of work, and immeasurable amounts of inspiration.  

This year we’re hosting the second CreativeMornings Summit for those incredible volunteer organizers. CreativeMornings Summit 2016 will bring organizers from across the globe together to exchange ideas, share best practices, and further develop their leadership skills. And it will be even bigger than the first CreativeMornings Summit. Why? Because we have nearly doubled in size and the #CMSummit16 will be in a place where everything is bigger – Texas. Giddyup!

We Can’t Do This Alone

If you’ve ever felt inspired by a talk, met a new friend or future employer, or indulged in a delicious donut, then this is your chance to say thank you and help make CreativeMornings even better. Today we’re asking you to help us continue fueling the magical experiment-turned-global-engine-of-generosity known as CreativeMornings.

We’re asking you to help fund the Summit. Whatever amount you’re able to offer will make all the difference. After CreativeMornings Summit 2016, organizers will bring home even more passion and energy to their local creative communities. You will see the return on your investment in the form of more fun, insightful, caffeinated, and inspirational CreativeMornings events!

No, you can’t put a price on making a connection or walking away with a deeper insight or inspiration, but let’s try! Please help us make CreativeMornings Summit 2016 a reality by backing our Kickstarter campaign.

About the Campaign

When you support the CreativeMornings Summit 2016 Kickstarter, you not only reap the rewards of the post-summit enhancements to your local CreativeMornings chapter, you’ll also get a reward! We’re offering rewards that range from music to golden tickets and beyond.

You can join in and support the campaign from March 11th to April 9th, so saddle up and kick in what you can to show the global CM community how much you care! Share the love using #CMsummit16.

March’s theme is Change!

The world around us is always in flux. We, as individuals and as communities, affect how and why, as well as when and where, we push for change. As creatives and entrepreneurs, makers and doers — we have the chance to (re)shape and (re)define the world around us. This month, 137 cities (give our newest chapters a virtual high-five!) will be exploring the shifting lenses and multifaceted theme of Change. It was chosen by our Barcelona chapter and illustrated by the Barcelona-based Victor Bregante. The conversations will be as interesting and complex as the topic itself, with speakers including:

  • Jacqueline Novogratz, the founder & CEO of Acumen, an organization dedicated to changing how the world tackles poverty (New York City)
  • Mathew Chow, a design lead at IDEO who thinks about organizing for complexity and change (Vancouver)
  • Edreys Wajed, a high school art teacher who practices 'multipotentialitism,' a way to use constant change to fuel creativity (Buffalo, their first event!)
  • Elmar Mock, the co-creator of the Swatch watch whose philosophy of innovation has led to being an inventor in more than 150 patent families (Geneva)
Pro tip: Sign up for the Berlin newsletter and/or follow us on Twitter so that you can stay in the know. And be sure follow the global conversation on Twitter and Instagram with #CMchange and @creativemorning.

Celebration: Our 50th Event

Friends are one of the few things that improve with age. CreativeMornings Berlin is nearly 5 years old and has a lot of friends. To celebrate our 50th event, we invite the Berlin community to join us for a special breakfast on Feb 26th, at 08:30. We will offer free coffee, organic musli sponsored by Verival, cup-cakes, and creamy cake. 

At 09:00 you will experience our jubilee talk with Adam Fletcher. After that we’re giving away 50 presents. So: Don’t forget to pick up your lucky number after you’ve entered our new event space, Forum Factory in Kreuzberg. Here are the top prizes:

1 x TYPO Berlin Ticket 2016
1 x TYPO Lab Ticket 2016
1 x TYPO Day Ticket 2016 (at a location of choice)
1 x signed FontBook
3 x FontBook
1 x “Hello, I am Erik”
1 x »Hallo ich bin Erik«
1 x LiebeFonts font package LiebeErika
1 x LiebeFonts font package LiebeRuth
1 x LiebeFonts font package LiebeDoris

After the presents are given out, you can go to work.

But: Come back at 07:00 pm to party with us. Same place (Forum Factory), free drinks (this time with alcohol), Brezels, and 3 short events, starring Daniel Trattler, Yang Liu, and Evgeny Onutchin … former speakers and since then BFF of CreativeMornings Berlin. Registration for the evening event starts at 11:00 am the same day. Please register here …

February’s theme is Ethics!

We navigate the muddy waters of ethics every day. They’re present in everything from our identities to our interactions with clients to how we engage with creative work on the internet. Why do we create these codes of ethics in the first place? When should we examine what dictates our conscience? And what really makes up a solid, moral value system, anyway?

This month, 133 CreativeMornings chapters are exploring questions like these — and what their various and complex answers might be. The theme was chosen by our Madrid chapter and illustrated by Madrid-based artist CESS (César Cid). Gear up to have your perceptions challenged at events with speakers like:

Felecia Hatcher, a White House Award winning social entrepreneur and Founder of Code Fever and BlackTechWeek (Ft. Lauderdale)
Brandy Burdeniuk, a collaborator, teacher and troublemaker who works with her team to help get people excited about sustainable buildings (Edmonton)
Kylie Walters, a dancer, actress and choreographer curious about how we navigate ethical questions linked to cultural appropriation in an increasingly interconnected world (Geneva)
Adam Fletcher, a comedy writer interested in how technology might be contributing to lower wages and temporary employment (Berlin)

Please note: Berlin is celebrating its 50th CreativeMornings. Expect some festive incidents like presents, cakes, balloons ascents, etc. Additionally you’re invited to visit us at 6pm in the evening, with 3 best of talks from 50 … live on stage. Be sure follow the local conversation on Twitter and Instagram with #CMBER and #creativemornings.

January’s theme is Language!

The CreativeMornings community shares more languages than the 40+ we speak. There are so many languages of CreativeMornings: generosity, love, hugs, high-fives, passion, emoji, excitement, creativity — the list goes on. In the simplest sense, language boils down to expression. And isn’t that what creativity is really about? January’s theme was chosen by our Pittsburgh chapter, illustrated by Ryan Hamrick, and presented in partnership with MailChimp.

This month 130 cities in 55 countries will be exploring our common languages and how we express them — whether cooked, crafted, or coded; spoken, written, or intuited — with speakers including:
  • Virgilio Martinez Veliz, owner & chef of Central Restaurant (named one of the top 50 restaurants in the world) (Lima)
  • Jenna Blazevich, a letterer, designer and calligrapher who develops brand identities by day and experiments by night (Chicago)
  • Gregg Deal, a member of the Paiute Tribe of Pyramid Lake and current Native Arts Artist-in-Residence at the Denver Art Museum (Denver)
  • Randy Krum, an infographics and data visualization designer who believes visuals can be as expressive as words (Dallas)
  • Jess George, a community impact manager for Google Fiber where she works to address community issues of access, opportunity and digital inclusion (Charlotte)
Pro tip: We add our next event throughout the month, so signing up for our Berlin newsletter or following @Berlin_CM on Twitter will help you stay up-to-speed on dates and times.

December’s theme is Time!

Time — we measure it, we complain we don’t have enough of it, we treasure it with memories. It’s abstract yet we can very clearly see it and we can very intimately feel it. So often we’re asked: what do you make with your time? December’s theme was chosen by our Edmonton chapter, illustrated by Kelly Mellings, and presented in partnership with FreshBooks. In 130 cities around the world, the CreativeMornings community and speakers are tackling the messy, fleeting, nebulous beast that is time.

Spend some quality time with your local community and attend an event this month with talks from:
  • Mo Rida, a producer & director who established the 48 Hour Film Project (Dubai)
  • Five Every Day, 5 speakers for 5 minutes each (Los Angeles — their fifth birthday!)
  • Juras Grincevičius, a teacher of mindfulness and cognitive schema therapy (Vilnius)
  • Lucy Engelman, an illustrator, online editor of Collective Quarterly, & founder of The Illustration League (Grand Rapids)
  • Charlotte Hayne, Director of Hackership, teacher and book author (Berlin)
Charlotte’s talk will be in English. Registration starts on Monday, Dec 7th at 10:00. Be sure to follow the global conversation on Twitter and Instagram with #CMwork and @creativemorning!