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December 6, 8:30am • Edenspiekermann • part of a series on Silence

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January’s theme is Language!

The CreativeMornings community shares more languages than the 40+ we speak. There are so many languages of CreativeMornings: generosity, love, hugs, high-fives, passion, emoji, excitement, creativity — the list goes on. In the simplest sense, language boils down to expression. And isn’t that what creativity is really about? January’s theme was chosen by our Pittsburgh chapter, illustrated by Ryan Hamrick, and presented in partnership with MailChimp.

This month 130 cities in 55 countries will be exploring our common languages and how we express them — whether cooked, crafted, or coded; spoken, written, or intuited — with speakers including:
  • Virgilio Martinez Veliz, owner & chef of Central Restaurant (named one of the top 50 restaurants in the world) (Lima)
  • Jenna Blazevich, a letterer, designer and calligrapher who develops brand identities by day and experiments by night (Chicago)
  • Gregg Deal, a member of the Paiute Tribe of Pyramid Lake and current Native Arts Artist-in-Residence at the Denver Art Museum (Denver)
  • Randy Krum, an infographics and data visualization designer who believes visuals can be as expressive as words (Dallas)
  • Jess George, a community impact manager for Google Fiber where she works to address community issues of access, opportunity and digital inclusion (Charlotte)
Pro tip: We add our next event throughout the month, so signing up for our Berlin newsletter or following @Berlin_CM on Twitter will help you stay up-to-speed on dates and times.

December’s theme is Time!

Time — we measure it, we complain we don’t have enough of it, we treasure it with memories. It’s abstract yet we can very clearly see it and we can very intimately feel it. So often we’re asked: what do you make with your time? December’s theme was chosen by our Edmonton chapter, illustrated by Kelly Mellings, and presented in partnership with FreshBooks. In 130 cities around the world, the CreativeMornings community and speakers are tackling the messy, fleeting, nebulous beast that is time.

Spend some quality time with your local community and attend an event this month with talks from:
  • Mo Rida, a producer & director who established the 48 Hour Film Project (Dubai)
  • Five Every Day, 5 speakers for 5 minutes each (Los Angeles — their fifth birthday!)
  • Juras Grincevičius, a teacher of mindfulness and cognitive schema therapy (Vilnius)
  • Lucy Engelman, an illustrator, online editor of Collective Quarterly, & founder of The Illustration League (Grand Rapids)
  • Charlotte Hayne, Director of Hackership, teacher and book author (Berlin)
Charlotte’s talk will be in English. Registration starts on Monday, Dec 7th at 10:00. Be sure to follow the global conversation on Twitter and Instagram with #CMwork and @creativemorning!

November’s theme is Work!

The CreativeMornings community is full of people and projects who are putting in the work—the good work, the hard work, the unpopular work—to improve their communities. Whether that work is done online, in collaboration, with partners, in solitude; with hands, love, sweat, or grit—we are celebrating the workers and the makers; the work and the creations.

This month’s theme was chosen by our Detroit chapter, illustrated by Detroit Wood Type Co., and presented in partnership with Squarespace. We can’t wait to hear about your work at breakfast events with incredible speakers including:

  • Mac Premo, visual artist, commercial director & co-creator of The Bucket Board (New York City)
  • Gudy Herder, trend expert and mood-boarding expert extraordinaire (Barcelona)
  • Noah Scalin, artist and activist whose work explores the theme of transience (Richmond — their very first event!)
  • Ola Volo, an inventive illustrator who combines history, multiculturalism and folklore (Vancouver)
  • Damian Gerbaulet, Interaction and User Experience specialist, talking about ‘Freedom through limitation, or: Leave me alone Mr. Evil Computer’ (Berlin)
Finally, prepare yourself for December. The theme will be Time. Our speaker in Berlin on Dec 11th: Charlotte Hayne and she will talk in English.

Neu: Der CreativeMornings Podcast

Ab sofort veröffentlichen wir die beliebtesten CreativeMornings-Vorträge aus aller Welt als Podcasts. In der ersten Staffel beginnen wir mit den Best-of-the-best-Klassikern, wobei wir zwischendurch auch unsere Besucher zu Wort kommen lassen werden.
Am besten stellt ihr euer Podcast-Radio bis zum 18 Dezember immer freitags auf Empfang, wenn eine neue Episode erscheint. Ihr könnt uns direkt auf der CM Podcast Website zuhören, bei iTunes abonnieren, uns auf Soundcloud folgen, in eurer Podcast-Lieblings-App finden, oder die Episoden herunterladen, um sie offline zu hören.
Garantiert am Ball bleibt ihr über unsere Nachrichten auf Twitter via @creativemorning sowie dem Hashtag #podcastCM!

October’s theme is Shock!

Shocks to the system do us good. They wake us up, they change the course of history, and they disrupt the norm. Unexpected moments open our minds to new ideas. Uncomfortable pieces of art challenge our perceptions of what we think is right. 

This October, we’re celebrating Shock in 128 cities around the world. The theme was chosen by our Jeju chapter and illustrated by Yeji Yun, who also hails from South Korea.

Get ready to be rocked out of your comfort zone with speakers like:

  • Rashayla Marie Brown, a lifelong nomad who exploits the role of the artist as both an agent and an object of desire (Chicago)
  • Petra Zlatevska, a litigation lawyer turned writer and cross-cultural communication specialist (Berlin)
  • Adam Arnold, an independent fashion designer who has worked with the Oregon Ballet Theater and Schoolhouse Electric (Portland)
  • Lisa Sutcliffe, a curator at the Milwaukee Art Museum who, among other projects, organized an exhibit on postwar Japanese photography (Milwaukee)

Be sure follow the global conversation on Twitter and Instagram with #CMshock and @creativemorning

September’s theme is Empathy!

CreativeMornings is all heart. We have an unwavering passion for face-to-face connections. We believe in the power of people, in walking in someone else’s shoes and seeing through their eyes. Each and every day, our global community challenges us to change our perspectives and inspires us to be better humans.

This month, we’re celebrating Empathy in 123 cities around the world. September’s events are presented in partnership with Shutterstock. The theme was chosen by our Phoenix chapter and illustrated by Scott Biersack, an illustrator & designer who once spent a year writing on a public chalkboard to thank the community who supported his family when they needed it most.. Get ready for a month of amazing and moving talks headed straight for the heart, including:

  • Veronika Scott, the founder of The Empowerment Plan, which designed a self-heating coat for the homeless and employs homeless women (Detroit — join us in welcoming them back!)
  • Audience takes the stage, so that attendees can hear from multiple and diverse voices in their community (Mexico City)
  • Marcy Sutton, a photojournalist & web designer who teaches local women in her community about software (Seattle)
  • Abhay Adhikari, a digital engagement specialist putting his background in human rights to work in the private and public sectors (Berlin)
Registration for Berlin starts next Monday, 10 am … don’t miss it.

Introducing CreativeMornings SKILLS!

by Katie Zanecchia

We know you’ve got skills! Hidden talents, creative hacks, professional expertise, self-mastered methods and crafts — the list goes on. There is no shortage of talent in the CreativeMornings community and we want to learn from you.

So, we’re inviting you, in video form, to answer the question: what will you teach the world in two minutes or less? We’re hoping this project inspires our community to showcase their skills and empower each other to celebrate our unique, quirky, fun, informative, creative talents. Let’s do this!

Anyone can watch videos, but you must login to your CreativeMornings profile to upload your video. Don’t have an account? Create one!

FreshBooks and CreativeMornings

by Sally Rumble

CreativeMornings recently reached our 120th city globally (YAY!), and we’re thrilled to welcome FreshBooks as our new Official Partner for Invoicing and Accounting! The story about FreshBooks and CreativeMornings is a long one, going back to the very beginning.

One September morning in 2008, Tina Roth Eisenberg (swissmiss) started CreativeMornings as a “studio coffee and chat” in DUMBO with a room of 30 people. Amazingly, FreshBooks helped make that first event possible by buying everyone breakfast, and has supported the NYC chapter every breakfast since.

FreshBooks’ connection to the creative community dates back to when its founder and CEO, Mike McDermott was running his own design studio in 2003. In a moment of frustration over sending invoices to his clients, he coded a solution that led to a side project, which over the past decade has become the cloud-accounting system we now know as FreshBooks.

Similar to Tina’s mantra of “Don’t Complain, Create,” Mike has built FreshBooks bit by bit to help solve the invoicing and accounting woes of those running a small business. Mike also released a book aimed at helping creatives who have struggled to put a price on their services. “Breaking the Time Barrier” has been downloaded over 200,000 times.

Together, we are so excited to continue CreativeMornings’ free events to local creative communities around the world. See you in the morning!

To learn more about FreshBooks visit our partner page, and to become a FreshBooks customer, head to their website. (And, huge thanks to Tory Williams for shooting the image above!)

July’s theme is Collaborate!

We’re told that no man is an island. We’ve all had the opportunity to share great ideas, build exceptional things, and create something beautiful. Artistic collaborations throughout history have had their own way of propelling creativity, and often it’s the teamwork that leads to something remarkable. This month, 117 cities will be celebrating the theme of Collaborate.

This month’s theme was chosen by our Amsterdam chapter and the banner was photographed by the incredible Tory Williams. You might notice it’s a bit different than what we’ve had in the past — in the spirit of collaboration, we’d like to invite you to contribute to this month’s illustration. Head to our blog to learn more and get remixing:

A few speakers this month include:
• Phil Yisrael on building brands through the collaborative nature of Instagram (Amsterdam)
• Doug McCraw on organizing an emerging city hub for grass roots inspired creatives. (Ft. Lauderdale — their first event!)
• Antonio Sabater on supporting Latin American artists on YouTube. (Mexico City)
• Nadine Achilles on flexible workspaces. (Berlin)

 Sec Pitch, June 19, 2015: Summary & Links

1. Evgeny Onutchin, WebPgr, @webpgr on his new platform

“WebPgr is a fascinating live editing web design platform – no coding, no limits. Build zooming, swipeable and interactive web sites in a blink of an eye. Replace Flash with SEO compatible HTML code. Prototype, design, implement and host in the same place. Reach the editor directly from your website, simply drag, drop, move, rotate and resize your content.”

2. Anne Meekers, @AnneMeekers: Fjord, Berlin

“I’m a Business Developer at Fjord in Berlin. We’re a design and innovation consultancy, part of Accenture Interactive. With our new offices in Berlin (Pappelallee 78) we’re als offering 5 new positions:
• Business Design Lead
• Service Design Director
• Service Design Lead
• Senior Visual Designer
• Senior Interaction Designer”