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December 8, 8:00am • USAA Design Studio • part of a series on Context

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We want to celebrate our 3rd birthday with you! This Sat. 11 am - 3 pm.

CreativeMornings/Austin has been inspiring Austin’s creative community for three years now. We’re thankful for all the people who have come to make CreativeMornings a success over the past three years—that includes you! 

Let’s celebrate with great beer, great music, and great people!

Join us this Saturday at Hops & Grain Brewing from 11 am - 3 pm. Click here to get your ticket on Eventbrite.

In addition to great beer from Hops & Grain, our birthday bash will feature former #CMATX bands Charlie Belle, Taylor & The Wild Now and Dave Scher

Thanks to Hops & Grain for hosting, and providing a special, refreshing gift to the first 100 ticketed people.


On a breakfast taco, guac and bacon, “bacamole,” is heaven in your mouth according to Chris Applegate, our March #CMugshot. A dapperly coiffed man of many talents, Chris co-founded and directs operations for SHED Barbershop & Supply, while also working as a contractor for Salesforce. On a free day in Austin, Chris climbs the Barton Creek Greenbelt Hill of Life trail and finishes with a relaxing swim. Despite our dropping the ball on the mug part of our CMugshot, Chris was a good sport with the substitute polka-dotted mason jar! 

What’s one thing you’ve been inspired by lately?

Human connection. I’m usually so disconnected working on things on my own, but lately I’ve made an effort to make more time to connect with the people I know, even casual acquaintances. So much more happens.

In the spirit of our March theme, what is one big change in your life that has been challenging?  

A big positive change was welcoming our first child 7 months ago!  My son has taught me what is truly important, as cliche as that may sound, and is really helping me overcome my constant feeling of “busyness.” There’s even more to juggle, but my sense of priorities has sharpened immensely and I’m much happier in everything that I do and accomplish.

What is one big change in your life that has been positive?

A challenging change has been opening and running SHED while still working another full-time job.  It’s tough always feeling “too busy” for things that I know are important, but it’s something I’m definitely working on.

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(Photo of Chris by Manny Pandya)

Photos from March’s #CMchange event with Kelly Krause are on Flickr

Thanks to Manny Pandya for these wonderful photos, and to Umbel, Golfsmith, Able Lending, and Cuvee Coffee for sponsoring and making this talk possible. 

We’re Hosting a Texas-Sized CreativeMornings Global Organizer Summit this November!

What began as a morning speaker series has grown into a global community of creative minds. So much of what we get every single month is due to the dedication of our incredible CreativeMornings organizers. Around the world, these organizers volunteer their time and energy to provide a FREE inspiring talk for their local creative community… and they bring breakfast! All of this effort adds up to be a quarter of a million cups of coffee per year, 79,800 hours of work, and immeasurable amounts of inspiration.  

This year we’re hosting the second CreativeMornings Summit for those incredible volunteer organizers. CreativeMornings Summit 2016 will bring organizers from across the globe together to exchange ideas, share best practices, and further develop their leadership skills. And it will be even bigger than the first CreativeMornings Summit. Why? Because we have nearly doubled in size and the #CMSummit16 will be in a place where everything is bigger - Texas. Giddyup!

We Can’t Do This Alone

If you’ve ever felt inspired by a talk, met a new friend or future employer, or indulged in a delicious donut, then this is your chance to say ‘thank you’ and help make CreativeMornings even better. Today we’re asking you to help us continue fueling the magical experiment-turned-global-engine-of-generosity known as CreativeMornings.

We’re asking you to help fund the Summit. Whatever amount you’re able to offer will make all the difference. After CreativeMornings Summit 2016, organizers will bring home, even more, passion and energy to their local creative communities. You will see the return on your investment in the form of more fun, insightful, caffeinated, and inspirational CreativeMornings events!

No, you can’t put a price on making a connection or walking away with a deeper insight or inspiration, but let’s try! Please help us make CreativeMornings Summit 2016 a reality by backing our Kickstarter campaign.

About the Campaign

When you support the CreativeMornings Summit 2016 Kickstarter, you not only reap the rewards of the post-summit enhancements to your local CreativeMornings chapter, you’ll also get a reward! We’re offering rewards that range from music to golden tickets to one-on-ones with your favorite speaker.

You can join in and support the campaign from March 11th to April 9th, so saddle up and kick in what you can to show the global CM community how much you care! Share the love using #CMsummit16.

Social-media eschewing, California girl Christine Harrington is our February #CMugshot. For her breakfast taco, only one ingredient need apply - bacon. And she earns it by doing business development for Storyland, a fabricator of 3D pieces for retail stores and advertising and architectural agencies. You might find Christine seeking inspiration during her morning walks around Town Lake.


Where’s a place you’d stop on a free afternoon in Austin?

Elizabeth Street Cafe to get a Vietnamese Coffee with a ham and Gruyere croissant.

In the spirit of February’s ethical theme, what’s a rule you love to break, and why?

I go the wrong way in the parking garage at Trader Joe’s because it’s way shorter. 

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(photo of Christine by Manny Pandya)