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December 14, 8:00am • YMCA North Austin • part of a series on Tradition

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February’s global theme is Curiosity!Curiosity is many things—a trait, a mindset, and a skill. To wonder about the things you don’t know and to actively fill those gaps with knowledge is to consciously enrich your life.
It’s also the secret sauce for creativity. Curiosity silences ego and encourages us to ask why. By constantly asking why we keep the channel open, allowing inspiration, perspectives, and ideas to mold our work and ourselves.
The more you practice being curious the more opportunities abound. Sometimes all it takes is tilting your head up and just marveling at this thing called life.
This month’s global exploration of Curiosity was chosen by our Malmö chapter and illustrated by Oelwein.

January’s global theme ANXIETY will be discussed by Melanie Weinberger.

Hosted by our partner this month: WeWork at The Domain on Friday, 1/26. Details here.

And special thanks to our coffee partner Cuvée Coffee.

This Holiday: Help Rebuild a School in the Slums

#CMATX host, Ben Thoma, received this tragic note from past speaker Nelson Guda about one of the people featured in his September 2017 talk on Compassion:

Do you remember from my talk, the man I met in Kenya who started a school in the slums? Well, last weekend, just before Christmas, the school burnt down. It’s a tragedy for the kids in that part of the slum, because it is their only school. This week I put together an emergency fundraiser for them on a site called Generosity, and I found a donor who will match all donations up to $25k.

If you are feeling a sense of generosity and compassion this season, please consider giving to Nelson’s fund for Ben Ochieng and his school in Kenya here:

Our global theme for November is #CMdeath. Death has inspired humanity since time immemorial, influencing ideologies and storytelling to our understanding of life and how we live it.

To our ancient ancestors, the fear of death was a palpable and daily motivator. Although our world is infinitely safer than it was centuries ago, we are still driven by the fear of death and we expertly attribute it to even the smallest events: traffic, deadlines, a mistake, public speaking, your boss’s name on your caller ID on a Saturday.

What we have done well as a species is leverage the fear of death to inspire achievements that seemed impossible, to create work that needed to be made, and to discover insights that help us live well.

This month’s global exploration of Death was chosen by our Miami chapter and illustrated by 2016 Adobe Creative Resident Syd Weiler. Thank you to our global partners — Adobe, MailChimp,, and Shutterstock — for their support.